Pepper Price Today | Black Pepper Rate | Kali Mirch Rate

Pepper Price Today | Black Pepper Rate | Kali Mirch Rate

15 June, 2024

Below is the Pepper Price Today

Pepper Price in Kochi – Rs. 48,500 per quintal and Rs. 485 per Kg (Kochi)


Reasons for Black Pepper Price Rise and Drop

Pepper prices are based on two varieties, namely garbled and ungarbled.
The pepper price has increased recently. One of the reasons is the supply crunch in the market. Another reason for the rise of pepper prices is due to good demand for black pepper from masala manufacturers, papad making companies and ready-to-eat food-producing firms.

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The commencement of the winter and wedding seasons increase demand along with increased pepper prices. The demand for bolder berries is higher that can fetch higher pepper rates than normal. The demand for pepper is high due to its benefit, which can act as an immunity booster in times of the pandemic.

The import of Sri Lankan pepper is one of the factors which can affect the pepper prices in the Indian domestic market. Also, there is a surge in Vietnam’s pepper exports via Nepal. This is avail minimum import duty.
Higher moisture content in pepper due to climatic conditions can reduce the pepper rates in the market. The higher production and increased imports affect black pepper prices.

Black Pepper Production

In 2019, Ethiopia was the largest producer and exporter of black pepper followed by Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Brazil, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico.
61,000 tonnes of black pepper is produced in India. Karnataka accounts for 30,000 tonnes, or half of the production. Karnataka is closely followed by Kerala, which produces around 20,000 tonnes.

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