Egg Rate Today | Price in Barwala, Namakkal, HYD, Delhi

Egg Rate Today | Price in Barwala, Namakkal, HYD, Delhi

24 April, 2024

NECC Egg Rate

Today Egg Rate 2023

Barwala Egg Rate – ₹3.79

Namakkal Egg Rate Today – ₹4.00

Today Egg Rate Hyderabad – ₹3.60

Egg Rate in Delhi – ₹3.95

Today Egg Rate Bangalore – ₹4.10


Egg Rate in Mumbai – ₹4.10

Egg Rate in Pune – ₹4.20

Today Egg Rate in Chennai – ₹4.35

Ajmer Egg Rate Today – ₹3.89

Ahmedabad Egg Rate Today – ₹4.60

Today Egg Price in Kolkata – ₹4.85

Today Egg Rate in Vijayawada – ₹4.25


Egg Price in Patna – ₹4.76

Raipur Egg Rate – ₹4.55

egg price today

The egg is considered India’s breakfast protein staple. Eggs are the most basic source of protein. They contain many vitamins and minerals that are essential parts of the diet.


Egg Production in India

20 crore eggs are sold in India daily. The production cost of an egg is estimated to be ₹4. In India, Namakkal in Tamil Nadu and Barwala in Haryana are the biggest egg-producing regions followed by Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Punjab. Telangana is one of the states where egg production is very high. 3.5 crores of eggs come from this state. Here, there are more than 2,000 farmers who are behind this vast production. Each Indian state have similar egg production.

Factors Determining the Egg Rate

The wholesale price of eggs gets a dip due to these factors.

  • Bird flu Outbreak – The eggs prices and demand gets a sharp dip due to growing fears of deadly bird flu. This type of scare is prevalent for weeks.
  • Pandemic – Due to the lockdown and other restriction in many states, the demand for eggs has been reduced.
  • Festive Season – The consumption is low during the Purattasi month (in Tamil Nadu), where non-vegetarian consumption reduces in Tamil Nadu. Hence, the daily egg prices are decreased during this time.
  • Summer – Due to minimum consumption of poultry products like eggs during summer, the daily egg rate gets affected.

The daily eggs rates increase due to these factors.

  • Christmas season: The price of eggs is too high in the month of November and December. The demand increases due to the Christmas season. Eggs are used in large quantity for the production of cakes during this season.
  • The rate of eggs also increases in June-July during the school reopening time.


NECC Egg Rates

NECC (National Egg Coordination Committee) fixes the minimum wholesale rate for the egg. Founded in May 1982 and there are more than 25,000 farmers as members. NECC is not a government organization. It is an association of poultry farmers in India which focus on egg prices. NECC plays a very important role in the betterment of the egg industry in India. They are also responsible for promoting the trading, exporting and farming of eggs.

The NECC declares the egg rate daily based on evaluating the market. NECC make sure to provide reasonable egg rates. The declaration of NECC egg prices daily is a big boon for the customers, middleman and farmers. The slogan of NECC is “My Egg, My Price, My Life”.

NECC has many objectives apart from egg price declaration. They monitor the egg stock levels, organize and unite poultry farmers, generate employment, undertake egg promotion campaign, research the market etc.

Namakkal Egg Market

Namakkal is one of the major hubs for poultry products in India. Namakkal is considered one of the largest supplier of eggs across the south. It is known as the Egg City. 65% of the total egg output of Tamil Nadu is produced in Namakkal. The poultry goods like chicken and eggs are exported to neighbouring states like Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and even Maharashtra and other Northern states. The demand in North India for Namakkal eggs has been surging.

There are around 1,100 poultry farms operating from Namakkal that own more than 45 million layer birds. They produce around 3.5 crore eggs of which 50 lakhs egg is for consumption in Tamil Nadu and the rest is supplied to various states on a daily basis. 10-30 lakhs eggs per day are exported to Middle East countries.

The daily egg rates in Namakkal are fixed by the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) of the town. Kerala’s egg pricing depends fully on the Namakkal egg rate.

Barwala Egg Production

Barwala in Haryana is considered to be the second-largest poultry hub in Asia. The daily production capacity of eggs from Barwala is 1 crore. There are140 big and small poultry farms having 8 million poultry birds and over 15,000 workers in Barwala.

The consumers in Panchkula, Mohali, Chandigarh, Ambala and the states of Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, UP, Bihar, West Bengal are catered by the Poultry farms in the Barwala region. The Barwala egg rate is dependent on many factors. The bird flu scare can affect the daily Barwala egg rate. Egg sales will take a hit due to the outbreak of bird flu in the region.

Health Benefits of Eggs

Nutrients for Eggs

  • Eggs contain high-quality proteins that help in building, strengthening and repairing muscle and tissues. Also, it contains all nine essential amino acids in the right amounts.
  • Eggs are rich in nutrients that contain essential vitamins like Vit A, E, B5, B12 and minerals. They contain omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants at a good level.
  • Eating eggs improves the level of Good cholesterol. The egg helps to increase the HDL levels (high-density lipoprotein) or the good cholesterol.
  • Eggs contain an important nutrient called Choline that is used to build cell membranes. An egg has around 100 mg of Choline
  • Egg contains many antioxidants like Lutein and Zeaxanthin which is good for eye health. Egg yolks contain a large amount of these antioxidants, which can reduce the risk of cataracts.
  • Consuming eggs help to lose weight
  • It is good for brain health, energy production and improves the immune system of the body.
  • Good for skin health. Some vitamins present in eggs help to promote healthy skin.

Egg Price Source: NECC