Chicken Rate Today | LIVE Broiler Chicken Farm Price in Kerala 2023

Chicken Rate Today | LIVE Broiler Chicken Farm Price in Kerala 2023

02 October, 2023

Today Broiler LIVE Chicken Rate in Kerala 2023

Today Chicken Rate in Kerala115

Broiler Chicken Rate Today – 115

VENCOBB Chicken Rate Today – ₹117 (Farm rate), ₹145 (Retail LIVE rate)


1 Kg Chicken Price in Trivandrum Today₹121.00 (farm rate), ₹123.00 (supply rate) and ₹152.00 (retail)

Today Chicken Rate in Thrissur₹142

Suguna Chicken Price Today – ₹112 .00

today chicken rate

The chicken rate in Kerala tends to fluctuate depending on the domestic demand and supply. The fluctuation of chicken rates differs everyday in cities like Thrissur, Kollam, Palakkad, Kochi, Trivandrum, Kottayam. In Kerala, in terms of local production, Thrissur district produces the most quantity of chicken.

Around 1.3 crore LIVE broiler chicken are sold in India each day. The sales of Broiler chicken in Kerala is projected to be 4-5 crore Kg per month and the estimated sales value is Rs. 400-500 crores. 50% of the broiler chicken is available in Kerala to meet the demand. Rest of them comes from other states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka.

The poultry industry in India is suffering one after another issues (lockdown, flu, cyclones). Though the retail chicken rates have increased, the farm rate of chicken dropped drastically. Hence, the broiler chicken farmers faced big loss in the recent times. These farmers are under constant pressure to sell chicken at low cost against high production cost. Since the hotels are closed, farmers are forced to clear their stocks as fully-grown broiler chicken has to be sold within 42 days, or they will die.

Factors determining the Chicken Price

There are several factors that play a key role in determining the LIVE chicken rate in Kerala.

  • Festive Season: Most factors are seasonal. Higher sales are normally due to festivals like Christmas, Diwali, Ramzan and fall in the availability of local fish supply. Lower sales are due to some auspicious festival season. Usually, the price is very low during the time Christians in Kerala observe the 50 days lent before Easter. The price tends to increase during the wedding months and time when the Lent ends.
  • Bird Flu: When the bird flu is reported in the state, the sales and cost drastically get reduced. People keep away from buying chicken during this time out of fear. The poultry market in Kerala is heavily affected during the time of such flu.
  • Transportation: It is another major factor. The rise and fall of the petrol cost determine the change in broiler chicken price every day.
  • Trawling Ban: The lifting of the fishing ban in Kerala is another reason for a reduced price.

Demand for Broiler Chicken Reduced during COVID-19 Pandemic Period

Due to COVID-19 restrictions in conducting religious festivals and weddings, the consumption of broiler chicken in Kerala has come down to almost 50%. The pandemic situation prevented people from dining at restaurants. This affected the poultry farmers in a big way. The feed prices have increased day by day which is an extra burden for the poultry entrepreneurs.

Popular Chicken Dishes in Kerala

Chicken play an important role in providing protein at a reasonable cost. Chicken dishes are most popular in Kerala. A big majority of people in Kerala are chicken lovers. In every wedding feast, dishes made of chicken grabs special attention. Whether it is in the form of a curry or a fry or a biryani, people love it very much. The chicken rate is affordable when it is compared with other meats like mutton, duck or beef.


  • Kerala Chicken Curry
  • Kerala Chicken Roast
  • Kerala Chicken Fry
  • Kerala Chicken Biryani
  • Kerala Chicken Stew
  • Chilli Chicken
  • Chicken 65
  • Pepper Chicken
  • Garlic Chicken
  • Butter Chicken
  • Chicken Tandoori
  • Chicken Soup
  • Chicken Kondattam

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