Singapore Social Media Statistics 2024 | Most Popular Platforms

Singapore Social Media Statistics 2024 | Most Popular Platforms

Social media has long become an important part of our daily lives, as it helps to keep us connected with our loved ones and provides us with new information from the internet every day. It can also be used as an effective marketing tool for businesses that want to reach out to potential customers and stand out from the crowd by having a unique voice in the market. Here’s what you need to know about social media in Singapore right now.

Social Media in Singapore

Social media in Singapore has become increasingly important to both companies and individuals, whether they’re looking to grow their business or expand their network of friends and family members. In Singapore, the average daily time spent on the social media is 2 hour 31 minutes. Over 70% of businesses and individuals use social media to promote their products, services, or businesses online. The promotion of a business is vital to a firm’s success, especially if you want to drive sales or acquire more followers for your company. In some ways, social media has become a platform that promotes visibility for an individual or business by establishing credibility as well as trust from others; it has also provided information so that people can make well-informed decisions when buying products and services online.

Social media marketing is important because social media allows users to connect with other users who share similar interests. Social media helps companies grow their customer base through word-of-mouth marketing and social sharing which increases brand awareness. This report aims to provide information on trends in social media usage among businesses and individuals in Singapore today, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc. Understanding how these different platforms are used will help businesses find out where they should focus their efforts when promoting themselves on social media platforms.

Importance of Social Media in Singapore

The number of social media users in Singapore has increased to 5.30 million in 2024. The importance of social media in Singapore is that it helps new startups and businesses to promote themselves. It builds relationships, increases sales opportunities and allow people from all over to learn about business’s and brands to help them find their customers faster. The use of social media like facebook, instagram, twitter etc. have increased drastically over recent years as they provide a great platform for information, interaction and engagement with a company’s current and potential customers. Another benefit is that there are many different platforms which allows you to reach different types of consumers or followers because each platform has its own demographic make up.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) in Singapore

Social Media Marketing (SMM) can be used to increase brand awareness, generate leads and drive traffic to your website. Social Media Marketing is an effective tool for small companies and start-ups who do not have much budget but still want to market their products/services efficiently. SMM can also be used by large companies who wish to create brand awareness or connect with customers on a more personal level through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc..

Social Media marketing has become an important part of any digital marketing strategy due to its ability to reach target audiences at low cost (cost per click). However SMM does not only mean posting content on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter but also includes creating valuable content that will attract users towards your social media page/profile/account.

Social Media Platforms in Singapore

The most popular social media platforms (including messaging apps) in Singapore is Whatsapp where 83.7% of the country’s internet users use it and 79.4% use Facebook, 66.3% use Instagram, 49.2% use Telegram and 46.6% use Facebook Messenger.

In Singapore, there are lots of social media platforms for you to choose from. You can follow your favorite celebrities on Twitter or keep up with friends on Facebook. You could even learn how to cook new recipes on Youtube! Whatever you’re interested in learning more about, social media platforms have got you covered. The only limit is your imagination.

Social media allows you to stay connected with family and friends no matter where they are located around the world. Social media lets everyone get involved regardless of their age, gender or nationality! If you don’t have time to see everyone in person then social media is a good way to stay connected with family and friends who live far away.

Social Media helps us express ourselves by posting photos, videos and statuses on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. It gives us freedom of speech and helps us connect better through sharing our thoughts through writing as well as pictures and videos we take ourselves or others post online for others to see such as photos taken at events like parties or concerts etc.

15 July, 2024

Social Media Statistics of Singapore in 2024

These days, social media statistics are abundant, but many businesses are not aware that the data can tell you more than simply how much time consumers spend on their favourite sites. For example, if you’re deciding to join a social network, you may utilize social media statistics about its users to assist you make your decision.

In Singapore, the number of Internet users has risen to 5.45 million. When compared to the previous year, there is a 0.8 percent gain. The Singaporean public has embraced social media in ways it has never done before. The internet penetration rate in Singapore is 92 percent. On average, Singaporeans spend 2.31 hours every day on social media. Due to widespread internet access, the number of social media users in Singapore has climbed to 5.30 million in 2024. In Singapore, 89.5 percent of the population uses social media. The number of active social media users is growing at a rate of 6.9 percent in 2024, up 340,000 from 2022. Social media has become one of the most crucial parts of daily internet usage in Singapore. Singaporeans are progressively moving away from desktop computers and toward mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. People in Singapore are increasingly using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets instead of desktop computers.

In Singapore, social media serves as a platform for people to gather, discuss, and express their opinions. On social media in Singapore, new topics and conversations began to emerge on a daily basis. Here are some of the most interesting social media statistics of Singapore for 2024.

Total population5.92 million
Active social media users5.30 million
Number of Internet users5.45 million
Number of Mobile Internet users4.95 million

Smartphone prices have declined considerably in recent years, leading to an increase in smartphone adoption in Singapore. The availability of fast internet at relatively low rates is another factor contributing to Singapore’s widespread use of social media. Singapore’s mobile Internet users have topped 4.95 million, accounting for 90.9 percent of the country’s total Internet users.

Percentagein Numbers
Annual growth in active social media users.6.9%340,000+
Annual growth of Internet users0.8%40,000+

Last year, there was a 6.9% growth in active social media users, with about 340,000 new users joined, according to user data. As a result, a number of social media trends in Singapore are expected to expand in the next months. The annual increase in Internet users is 0.8 percent, with another 40,000+ new users.

Average daily time spent using Internet7 hours 29 mins
Average daily time spent using social Media2 hours 31 mins

In Singapore, the average daily time spent on the Internet is 7 hours 29 minutes, with social media accounting for 2 hour 31 minutes of that time.

most popular social media in singapore 2022

Most Used Social Media Platforms in Singapore 2024

Social media has become an integral part of our lives today, and most business owners in Singapore have already woken up to this fact. But with so many platforms and apps out there – and more being introduced all the time – it can be hard to know which one(s) to use and how to use them effectively. If you want to reach out to your target market on social media and get ahead of the competition, here’s what you need to know about Singapore’s most popular social media platforms and apps.

In 2024, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Singapore, with 79.40% of internet users (4.33 million) joining. One of Facebook’s most significant markets is Singapore. Both the governing class and the ordinary populace in Singapore enjoy it. For many years to come, Facebook will continue to be a tremendous impact. Many of Singapore’s most well-known brands use Facebook to communicate with their customers.

Top Social Network Platforms in SingaporePercentageActive Users (in million)
Tik Tok44.30%2.41

With 66.30 percent of internet users in Singapore, Instagram is placed second. The number of active Instagram users is 3.61 million. In Singapore, young people, mainly teenagers, account up the majority of Instagram users. Instagram is owned by Meta, which paid $1 billion in 2012 for the company. Instagram has become a source of income for both creators and businesses.

Tik Tok (44.30 percent penetration) is followed by business and employment-oriented site LinkedIn (36.10 percent) and Twitter, a microblogging site. Pinterest, an image sharing site (28.70 percent penetration) and Skype (24.60 percent) are two other popular social media platforms in Singapore. With 21.90 percent penetration, Reddit (a social news aggregation site) and Imgur (2.50 percent) are next on the list.

*Note: YouTube was not offered as an answer option in the survey.

Popular Messenger Apps in Singapore 2024

Popular Messenger Apps in SingaporePercentageActive Users (in million)
Facebook Messenger46.60%2.54
I Message22.80%1.24

In Singapore, the most popular messaging app is Whatsapp. It is is owned by Meta, has 83.70 percent of the country’s total internet users, or 4.56 million. Telegram, an instant messaging service provider, is the second most popular app on the list, with 49.20 percent penetration (2.68 million users)

With 35.00 percent penetration, Facebook Messenger, comes in third. WeChat, which is extremely popular among teens, is ranked fourth with 30.30 percent of users. I Message, an instant messaging service created by Apple Inc., is ranked fifth with 22.80 percent penetration, followed by LINE (21.40 percent penetration) and Discord, a VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution network, with 15.60 percent penetration.

Most Used Devices in Singapore

Mobile Phone66.81%
Laptop & Desktop30.08%

With a share of 66.81 percent in 2024, the Mobile Phone is the most used device in Singapore. The next gadget on the list is the Laptop & Desktop, which has 30.08 percent of the vote, followed by the tablet, which has 3.09 percent.

Search Engine Market Share in Singapore 2024

Search EnginesPercentage

Google is the most used search engine in Singapore in 2024. Google has a market share of 95.20 percent, plainly indicating that it is the market leader. With 2.24 percent of the vote, Bing is the second most popular search engine. Yahoo (1.78 percent), DuckDuckGo (0.33 percent), Baidu (0.19 percent), Yandex (0.09 percent), Ecosia (0.19 percent) are the other search engines used in Singapore.

Most Popular Browser in Singapore

Samsung Internet3.37%
Microsoft Edge2.31%
UC Browser0.52%

With a share percentage of 41.14, the Google-developed Chrome is the most popular browser in Singapore. Safari comes in second with 18.93 percent of the market share, followed by Samsung Internet (3.37 percent) then Microsoft Edge (2.31 percent ). Firefox (1.92 percent), Opera (0.93 percent), and UC Browser (0.52 percent) are the next most popular browsers on the list.

Most Visited Websites in Singapore in 2024 (Alexa)

According to Alexa website, the top website in Singapore is Second, on the list is followed by, and

Top Mobile Apps in Singapore 2024

App NameParent Company
TraceTogetherGovernment Technology Agency
SingpassGovernment Technology Agency

The top mobile apps in Singapore are Whatsapp followed by TraceTogether, Facebook, Singpass and Instagram. Top three of the top five mobile apps are owned by Meta.

(Source: Data Reportal)

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