Chicks Rate Today | Poultry Broiler Chicks Price Today

Chicks Rate Today | Poultry Broiler Chicks Price Today

24 April, 2024

Today Chicks Rate

Broiler Chicks Price in India

  • Hyderabad – ₹34
  • Palladam – ₹30
  • Haryana – ₹32
  • Kerala – ₹31
  • Bangalore – ₹34
  • Tamil Nadu – ₹30
  • Mumbai – ₹32
  • Delhi – ₹32
  • Pune – ₹34
  • West Bengal – ₹40
  • Uttar Pradesh – ₹35
  • Punjab – ₹32
  • Rajasthan – ₹33
  • Madhya Pradesh – ₹34
  • Gujarat – ₹34
  • Andhra Pradesh – ₹35
  • Telangana – ₹35

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broiler chicks rate today

In India, poultry is one of the fastest-growing industry of the agricultural sector where the country produces 1.5 billion broiler chickens a year. According to the figures released by the Poultry Industry, a 1-day-old chick sells for ₹20-25, while it finally costs poultry farmers ₹80-90 to raise a chicken for 30 days.
The poultry farmers normally buy the broiler chicks and rear them for a period of 40 to 45 days and sell them at the market price once the bird attains a weight of 2 to 2.5 kg. Here the rearing and growing cost of the broiler chicks comes under the production cost. Other rates include the power, heating facility for the chicks, labour, water and the investment for sheds.

Chicks Business in India

Some farmers also rear chicks on a contract basis for MNC companies which can be both good and bad in terms of profit depending on the market. Along with the bird’s feed and medicines, these companies provide the chicks to the farmers. The farmers in turn have to raise the chicks and deliver them to them after 40 days. The farmers have to bear other expenses like setting up the infrastructure. Normally, the cost for rearing a chick comes to around ₹8-11. Some companies provide very low price for rearing the chicks.

The chicks business in India has been affected due to the pandemic. Normally, the three-day-old chicks are sold for ₹55-60 in some parts. The bird’s feed rate and other raw materials needed for poultry rearing charges have increased. So, the increased cost of production is affecting the profit of the poultry farmers in India.

The lack of hatcheries is one of the reasons for high chick rates. If the state governments set up hatcheries, the price will come down, and it will benefit the poultry farmers.
Currently, the poultry farmers do not get subsidies for power and water as poultry farming is not included in the agriculture category. This is an additional burden for people in this industry.