Today Chicken Rate in Tamil Nadu | Palladam Chicken Rate 2024

Today Chicken Rate in Tamil Nadu | Palladam Chicken Rate 2024

22 May, 2024

VENCOBB Chicken Rate Today in Tamil Nadu

The VENCOBB chicken rate in Tamil Nadu fluctuates every day based on some circumstance. The factors are mainly seasonal. Some don’t eat non-vegetarian food every day due to religious reasons. Those days the rate will drop and mostly on Sundays the rate and sales will be high.

Transportation, Festivals, Bird Flu are some of the other factors which increase or decrease the chicken price in Tamilnadu.

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Today Broiler Chicken Rate in Tamilnadu

  • Today Chicken Rate in Tamil Nadu – Rs.69

Palladam Chicken Rate Today

  • Today Chicken Rate in Palladam – Rs.65 (Board Rate), Rs. 67 (Selling Rate)

Palladam Broiler Chicken Market

Palladam is a town situated in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. Palladam is well known for its poultry farms. With 4,207 hatcheries and 52 broiler farms, it is one of the major hubs for poultry in Tamil Nadu. Palladam is famous for the production of Broiler chicken and there are many poultry firms like Suguna, Pioneer operates from this region. Broiler chicken from Palladam is transported to different parts of India.
The head office of the Broiler coordination committee (BCC) is present in Palladam who fix the broiler chicken rates, and also these rates are the benchmark in the Indian Poultry industry. In Palladam, there are more than 25,000 farmers are into poultry farming, and it is worth Rs. 4000 crore business. Around 10 lakh chicken are produced every day in Palladam. The broiler chickens raised in Palladam farms mainly cater to the needs of people across Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states like Kerala, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Tamil Nadu’s second poultry disease diagnostic and surveillance laboratory (PDDSL) is coming up in Palladam.

Source: TCDA, TN VENCOBB Chicken Rate