Thotakura in English | Thotakura Health Benefits

Thotakura in English | Thotakura Health Benefits

Thotakura in English

The English name of Thotakura is “Amaranth leaves

thotakura in english name


Thotakura is a famous nutritious green leafy vegetable of the Amaranths plant that is cultivated and consumed in many parts of India. Thotakura is an alternative to the normal spinach and appears to be similar to it. There are many varieties with different leaf colors (red, purple). The name of Thotakura in English is Amaranth leaves. Thotakura needed a warm temperature and grows well in summer.

Thotakura recipes are very popular in the Telugu-speaking regions of India. Even the grains, stems and flowers of the Thotakura plant are used for cooking various recipes. Thotakura contains essential vitamins and nutrients. Thotakura has many health benefits essential to the human body. Thotakura is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium and potassium. Consumption of Thotakura is good for pregnant women. Thotakura is is rich in copper and manganese that have antioxidative properties

Thotakura dish is prepared by stir-frying the leaves with spices. Another preparation where the Thotakura is steamed and mashed with onion, salt, chilli and cumin. In the Andhra region, Thotakura is used in dal called thotakura pappu and also in vepudu and pulusu preparations.
Thotakura is also eaten raw and used in soups and salads.

Thotakura Recipes

There are many Thotakura dishes famous in Andhra and Telangana regions.

  • Andhra Style Thotakura Vepudu
  • Thotakura Pappu
  • Thotakura Masala
  • Thotakura tomato curry
  • Thotakura Pullakura
  • Thotakura Pulusu
  • Thotakura Sengapappu
  • Thotakoora Palli Annam
  • Thotakura Nilava Pachadi
  • Thotakura Majjiga Pulusu
  • Koyya Thotakura Vepudu

Thotakura Benefits

The Health Benefits of Thotakura are endless

  • Thotakura contains high-quality proteins that suppress appetite
  • Thotakura prevents constipation
  • Thotakura is low in calories
  • Thotakura lowers the levels of bad cholesterol
  • Thotakura helps with weight loss of the body
  • Thotakura reduces inflammation
  • Thotakura is good for the health of the heart
  • Thotakura helps to boost immunity
  • Thotakura is rich in calcium which is good for the health of bones
  • Thotakura contains soluble and insoluble fibre that is good for the body
  • Thotakura improves the digestive system of the body
  • Thotakura lowers the high blood sugar levels
  • Thotakura has no gluten
  • Thotakura contains lysine that gives energy to the body
  • Thotakura is good for hair growth and good skin