Vellarikka English | Benefits | Cucumber Hindi, Tamil Meaning

Vellarikka English | Benefits | Cucumber Hindi, Tamil Meaning

Vellarikka in English

  • Vellarikka meaning in English is “Cucumber“

Cucumber Meaning in Hindi

  • Cucumber Meaning in Hindi is “Khira / Kheera / Kakdi

Cucumber Meaning in Tamil

  • Cucumber Meaning in Tamil is “Vellarikka

Cucumber in Telugu Meaning

  • Cucumber Meaning in Telugu is “Dosakaya

Cucumber in Malayalam Meaning

  • Cucumber Meaning in Malayalam is “Vellarikka / Vellari“

Cucumber in Marathi Meaning

  • Cucumber Meaning in Marathi is “Sitalchinni

Cucumber in Kannada

  • Cucumber Meaning in Kannada is “Southe kaayi

Cucumber in Bengali

  • Cucumber Meaning in Bengali is “Sasha / Sausha
Cucumber hindi meaning
Cucumber in Kerala

Vellarikka / Cucumber

Vellarikka is cultivated as a field crop in South Asia. Vellarikka is a creeping plant that belongs to the gourd family. The scientific name of Vellarikka is Cucumis Sativus. Like watermelons and pumpkins, they are fruits from the same family. Vellarikka is cylindrical in shape and contains 95% water, 4% carbohydrates, 1% protein. It has high water content and has a refreshing taste. Vellarikka is popular for making salads and relishes.

Vellarikka is very popular during the summer season that helps to relieve dehydration. Vellarikka is low in calories and cholesterol. They have many health benefits like reducing body weight, lowering blood sugar levels, digestive regularity, balanced hydration.

cucumber tamil meaning
Cucumber in Tamil Nadu

There are many varieties of Vellarikka like slicing vellarikka and pickling vellarikka. Some are consumed fresh and some are used to make pickles. Malabar Vellarikka, which is big in size can be used to make various dishes like avial, sambar, pachadi and thorans.

Vellarikka Recipes

There are many dishes made using Vellarikka

  • Vellarikka moru curry
  • Vellarikka pulissery
  • Vellarikka manga curry
  • Vellarikka parippu curry
  • Vellarikka curry with coconut
  • Vellarikka curry without coconut
  • Vellarikka curry
  • Vellarikka muringakka curry
  • Vellarikka ozhichu curry
  • Vellarikka curry without curd
  • Vellarikka poriyal/thoran

Vellarikka Health Benefits

  • Vellarikka can help to prevent dehydration in the hot season
  • Vellarikka protects against colorectal cancer
  • Vellarikka helps to reduce weight
  • Vellarikka provide benefits for skin health
  • Vellarikka a range of vitamins (vitamin A and vitamin B)
  • Vellarikka manages cholesterol
  • Vellarikka supports bone health
  • Vellarikka lowers the level of blood sugar
  • Vellarikka prevents cardiovascular problems
  • Vellarikka prevents constipation and avoids kidney stones
  • Vellarikka helps in controlling and preventing diabetes
  • Vellarikka has many anti-inflammatory benefits