Sapota in English | Chiku in English | Manilkara Zapota

Sapota in English | Chiku in English | Manilkara Zapota

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Sapota in English

Sapota English name is “Manilkara zapota / Sapodilla / Naseberry

The Hindi name of Sapota is Chiku


Chiku in English

The English name of Chiku is “Manilkara zapota / Sapodilla / Naseberry


chiku in english

Sapota / Chiku Fruit

Sapota is a large berry that grows 4–8 cm in diameter. It is a popular fruit commonly grown in large quantities in India, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. In Northern India, it is popularly known as Chiku. In Southern India, it is known by the name Sapota. The name of Sapota in English is Sapodilla. Other names are Manilkara zapota / Naseberry. India and Thailand are the largest producers of Sapota fruits. Chiku is also cultivated for its latex contained in the sap, which is used in the production of chewing gum.
The tree of Chiku can grow to more than 30 meters. Sapota prefers a moist, hot climate for its growth. Sapota tree takes 8 years to bear fruit and after that yields twice a year. The ripened sapota fruit is very soft, saggy and fit for consumption.

The outer part is earthy brown in colour and inside it is pale yellow and has black seeds. The seeds of Chiku are bean-shaped. Sapota tastes sweet and delicious. Normally, it is eaten fresh. The outer skin of sapota is peeled off before consumption. Chiku shake made of sapota, milk, sugar is a very popular drink in India. Sapota is also used to make the custard, ice cream, jams, jellies. Chiku has various health benefits. It is good for indigestion and diarrhoea.