Kothavarangai in English | Kothavarangai Benefits | Cluster Beans Names

Kothavarangai in English | Kothavarangai Benefits | Cluster Beans Names

Kothavarangai in English

  • English name of Kothavarangai is “Cluster Beans”
  • Other names are Gavar, Gawar, or Guvar bean


Kothavarangai in Malayalam

  • Malayalam name of Kothavarangai is “Amara”

Kothavarangai in Hindi

  • Hindi name of Kothavarangai is “Guar phali”

Kothavarangai in Telugu

  • Telugu name of Kothavarangai is “Goruchikkudu kaya / Gokarakaya”

Kothavarangai in Kannada

  • Kannada name of Kothavarangai is “Gorikayie”

Kothavarangai in Marathi

  • Marathi name of Kothavarangai is “Gawaar”

Kothavarangai / Cluster Beans

Kothavarangai is a popular vegetable that looks similar to green beans, and they are native to India. Kothavarangai is an annual legume. The botanical name is Cyamopsis tetragonoloba. Kothavarangai has a long, slim and narrow body with tiny pods.

Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan are the states where Kothavarangai is mostly grown. They are normally harvested in October-November and found all year round in the Indian markets. Around 80% of the world’s total Kothavarangai production happen to be in India. Kothavarangai develops root nodules with nitrogen-fixing soil bacteria. They grow to a height of 3 meters. Normally, harvesting starts after 40 days of sowing.

The seeds of Kothavarangai is dried and powdered. That flour is called guar gum which is used in the preparation of ice cream, cheese, baked and fried food products. Kothavarangai is used in curries and also as fries. It slightly tastes bitter. In order to reduce its bitterness, tomatoes or grated coconut is added to the recipe. Kothavarangai has many health benefits. Kothavarangai acts as a fibre supplement.

Kothavarangai Benefits

The health benefits of Kothavarangai are endless.

  • Kothavarangai helps in lowering the blood sugar
  • Kothavarangai is very rich in dietary fiber
  • Kothavarangai helps in maintaining a well digestive system
  • Kothavarangai reduces cholesterol levels
  • Kothavarangai is good for heart health
  • Kothavarangai is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, Manganese and vitamin A
  • Kothavarangai helps the bones and teeth become stronger
  • The amount of folic acid content present in Kothavarangai is good for pregnant women
  • Kothavarangai also contains folate, iron and potassium