Surmai Fish in English | Surmai Benefits | Tamil, Telugu, Bengali Names

Surmai Fish in English | Surmai Benefits | Tamil, Telugu, Bengali Names

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Surmai Fish in English

  • Surmai Fish in English is King Fish / Seer Fish / Indo-Pacific King Mackerel


Surmai Fish in Malayalam

  • Malayalam name is Neymeen or Ayakoora fish.

Surmai Fish in Telugu

  • Telugu name is Vanjaram Chepa


Surmai Fish in Kannada

  • Fish name in Kannada is Anjal

Surmai Fish in Tamil

  • The Tamil names are Vanjaram, Vanjiram meen, Vanchiram Meen.

Surmai Fish in Bengali

  • The Bengali name is Surma.
Surmai Fish Benefits

Surmai Fish

Surmai fish is a popular seafood choice in India. Also known as the king fish, it is one of the many kinds of seafood found in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. This tasty fish can be prepared in a variety of ways, from deep-fried to boiled to grilled, so it’s certain to become one of your favorites. Aside from its great taste, though, the surmai fish boasts numerous health benefits that will encourage you to eat it more often than not. A good source of protein and vitamins. Read on to find out about everything you need to know about this particular kind of fish, including its health benefits and nutritional information.

Surmai fish belongs to the Scombridae family, which includes more than 40 species of ocean-going fishes, including swordfish and the mighty bluefin tuna. For some time now, many people have praised the health benefits of surmai fish because of its high protein content and its omega-3 fatty acids, which are highly beneficial to our health. It has a mild flavor with a slightly sweet taste. The flesh is firm and oily, making it ideal for grilling or frying.

Surmai Fish Benefits

Surmai fish has many health benefits.

  • Surmai fish aids in weight loss
  • Surmai fish is an excellent source of protein
  • Surmai fish improves brain function
  • Surmai fish promotes healthy skin
  • Surmai fish contains omega-3 fatty acids
  • Surmai fish reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Surmai fish is rich in vitamins A and D
  • Surmai fish helps to improve cognitive function
  • Surmai fish protects against heart disease
  • Surmai fish maintains good cholesterol levels
  • Surmai fish can lower blood pressure
  • Surmai fish helps to fight arthritis