Kora Fish in English | Indian Salmon | Kaala Fish Benefits

Kora Fish in English | Indian Salmon | Kaala Fish Benefits

Kora/Kaala Fish in English

  • English name of Kora Fish is ‘Indian Salmon Fish


Salmon Fish in Hindi

  • Hindi name of Salmon Fish is ‘Rawas

Salmon Fish in Telugu

  • Telugu name of Salmon Fish is ‘Magha / Budatha maga


Salmon Fish in Tamil

  • Tamil name of Salmon Fish is ‘Kaala / Kala

Salmon Fish in Malayalam

  • Malayalam name of Salmon Fish is ‘Kora / Kaala Meen / Thira Vaala

Salmon Fish in Kannada

  • Kannada name of Salmon Fish is ‘Surmai

Salmon Fish in Marathi

  • Marathi name of Salmon Fish is ‘Rawas

Salmon Fish in Bengali

  • Bengali name of Salmon Fish is ‘Gurjali
indian salmon fish

Kora/Kaala (or) Indian Salmon Fish

Kora/Kaala is a fleshy seawater fish found in the Indian and western Pacific oceans. Kora fish has two dorsal fins. Kora is one of the most expensive fish in India. In India, it is largely found on the West coast and called Indian salmon, white salmon.

Kora fish is one of India’s popular fish especially in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Gujarat. The white meat of the Kaala meen is succulent and taste great. The texture of the Kaala fish is firm. Kora is a low-fat fish. This fish is rich in proteins. Kora fish is suitable for curry and fry preparations.

Kaala Fish Benefits

  • Kaala fish helps to decrease the levels of cholesterol.
  • Kaala fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Kaala fish is good in the fight against kidney cancer
  • Kaala fish improves eyesight
  • Kaala fish promotes weight loss
  • Kaala fish helps to gain muscle growth
  • Kaala fish is rich in vitamins and proteins
  • Kaala fish prevents inflammation
  • Kaala fish aids to maintain a healthy metabolism