Dondakaya in English | Dondakaya Benefits | Hindi Name

Dondakaya in English | Dondakaya Benefits | Hindi Name

Dondakaya in English

  • Dondakaya in English Name is “Ivy Gourd

Other name is “Coccinia

Dondakaya in Hindi

  • Dondakaya in Hindi is “Tindora


Dondakaya english name


Dondakaya is a famous tropical plant vegetable that is available in India and other Asian countries. It is native to India. The name of Dondakaya in English is Ivy Gourd. Dondakaya grows rapidly as a perennial climber and belongs to the pumpkin family. Dondakaya can be harvested in four months. They turn orange colour when they are ripe. The skin of Dondakaya is thick green in colour and flesh in the inner part is white. It can grow 5-7 cm long in size.

Coccinia Grandis is the scientific name of Dondakaya. It has many health benefits like regulating blood sugar levels, high cholesterol and aids in weight loss. The taste of Dondakaya is like bitter melon. Dondakaya is used in Indian cuisines mainly as curries(sambar), fries, pickles etc. Dondakaya is used to treat leprosy, fever, asthma in traditional medicine.


Dondakaya Recipes

  • Dondakaya Fry
  • Andhra Dondakaya Ulli Kura Karam
  • Gutti Dondakaya
  • Dondakaya Vepudu
  • Dondakaya Masala Curry
  • Dondakaya Kobbari Vepudu
  • Dondakaya Pachadi
  • Dondakaya Barada

Dondakaya Benefits

The Health Benefits of Donda Kaya are endless

  • Dondakaya relieves digestive problems like constipation
  • Dondakaya juice is good for treating diabetics
  • Dondakaya treats certain respiratory conditions like asthma
  • Dondakaya helps to prevent cancer
  • Dondakaya heals skin diseases by killing bacteria and rebuilding skin tissue
  • Dondakaya reduces inflammation
  • Dondakaya controls high blood pressure
  • Dondakaya is rich in beta-carotene that helps better functioning of the heart
  • Dondakaya prevents obesity and kidney stones
  • Dondakaya avoids fatigue
  • Dondakaya increases metabolism