Perungayam in English | Benefits | Asafoetida Hindi, Telugu Name

Perungayam in English | Benefits | Asafoetida Hindi, Telugu Name

Perungayam in English

  • Perungayam meaning in English is “Asafoetida / Devils Dung“


Asafoetida in Hindi

  • Asafoetida in Hindi is “Hing


Asafoetida in Tamil

  • Asafoetida in Tamil is “Perungayam

Asafoetida in Malayalam

  • Asafoetida meaning in Malayalam is “Kaayam

Asafoetida in Telugu

  • Asafoetida meaning in Telugu is “Inguva / Ingumo

Asafoetida in Kannada

  • Asafoetida meaning in Kannada is “Hingu / Ingu

Asafoetida in Bengali

  • Asafoetida meaning in Bengali is “Hing

Asafoetida in Marathi

  • Asafoetida meaning in Marathi is “Hing

Asafoetida in Gujarati

  • Asafoetida meaning in Gujarati is “Hing
asafoetida in malayalam


The scientific name of Perungayam is Ferula Asafoetida. Perungayam also called devil’s dung, is a dried latex (gum) extracted from the roots of Ferula plants. Ferula is a herb plant in the celery family. Perungayam is dried and ground into a spice that is commonly used in Indian recipes. Perungayam is dark brown in colour and acts as a savoury enhancer. Small lumps and powdered form of Perungayam is also used. It improves the taste and quality of vegetarian dishes. Perungayam has a strong pungent smell but upon adding in hot oil, the odour fades. The smell is due to the concentration of sulfur compounds. A pinch of perungayam can dominate every other spice used in the recipe. Perungayam has many health benefits and is often used in ayurvedic medicine. It is good for chronic indigestion and gas.

It is native to Afghanistan and Iraq. In Afghanistan, Perungayam along with salt is sprinkled for the preparation of dried meat. Perungayam is mainly added to dishes made of lentils or beans that are thought to be gaseous. Perungayam is a common ingredient in making South Indian dishes like sambar, rasam or North Indian dishes like dal, pakoras, kachoris, rogan josh, achars. Perungayam is used as a substitute for onions and garlic in Kashmiri dishes.

Perungayam Health Benefits

  • Perungayam helps to boost digestion
  • Perungayam is rich in antioxidants and contains high amounts of phenolic compounds.
  • Perungayam help to lower blood pressure
  • Perungayam is rich in minerals and vitamins like carotene, riboflavin
  • Perungayam is good for brain health
  • Perungayam is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, carbohydrates
  • Perungayam has anti-cancer properties
  • Perungayam lowers blood sugar levels