Parava Fish in English | Parava Benefits | False Trevally Fish Names

Parava Fish in English | Parava Benefits | False Trevally Fish Names

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Parava Fish in English

  • English name of Parava fish is “False Trevally / White Fish / Butter Fish

Parava Fish in Telugu

  • Telugu name of Parava fish is “Methani Paara / Sadumi”

Parava Fish in Tamil

  • Tamil name of Parava fish is “Neer Suthumbu / Guthippu / Kuthuppu”

Parava Fish in Malayalam

  • Other Malayalam names of Parava fish are “Kuthuppu / Kadu”

Parava fish in Konkani

  • Konkani name of Parava fish is “Saundalo / Sovnaro”
false trevally fish

Parava / False Trevally Fish

The scientific name of Parava fish is Lactarius lactarius. Parava fish is native to the Indian Ocean and is also found in the western Pacific Ocean. It is a small bony fish that is silvery-white in colour and the fins are pale yellow. It also has a dusky black spot on the upper part of the gill cover.

Parava fish grows up to the length of 30 cm. Other names of Parava fish are butterfish, milk trevally, milkfish, whitefish. Parava fish is very popular in South India. It is good for fries and curries as well.

Parava Fish Benefits

  • Parava fish contains protein, vitamins D and vitamin B12
  • Parava fish helps to reduce the risk of autoimmune disorders
  • Parava fish is good for skin and hair health
  • Parava fish contains thiamine, riboflavin and phosphorus
  • Parava fish keeps the cardiovascular system healthy
  • Parava fish aids in the prevention of asthma in children
  • Parava fish is good for heart health
  • Parava fish makes the bones and muscles stronger