Chemballi Fish in English, Tamil | Chempalli Fish | Benefits

Chemballi Fish in English, Tamil | Chempalli Fish | Benefits

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Chemballi Fish in English

  • ‘Mangrove Red Snapper’ is the English name of Chemballi Fish. Another name is Mangrove jack.


Chemballi Fish in Tamil

  • ‘Seppili’ is the Tamil name of Chemballi Fish.

Chemballi Fish in Telugu

  • ‘Tagoo/Thundava’ is the Telugu name of Chemballi Fish.


Chemballi Fish in Kannada

  • ‘Kaluvalai’ is the Kannada name of Chemballi Fish.
chemballi in english

Chemballi Fish

Chemballi is a table fish with soft white flesh. It is vastly present in the Indo-West Pacific waters. They belong to the class of ray-finned fishes. Chemballi is one of the popular fish in Kerala that has good potential to export. Chemballi is a marine fish which can also be found in freshwater. The Chemballi fish can grow to a size of 300-500 grams. Its colour is darkish reddish-brown.
Chemballi is a fish that has great commercial value and one of the fastest growing species. Chemballi is the fish which is farmer’s choice for farming due to its fast growth rate and market friendly. It is a low calorie fish. Chemballi has many health benefits. It is a high-protein fish which is good for health.
Chemballi fish has moderately high levels of mercury, which is not good for pregnant ladies. Chemballi fry and Chemballi curry are some popular delicacy in Kerala restaurants.

Chemballi Fish Recipes

  • Chemballi fry
  • Chemballi curry (Kottayam style)
  • Chemballi meen pollichathu
  • Chemballi mango curry
  • Chemballi mappas
  • Chemballi grilled

Chemballi Fish Benefits

  • Chemballi fish contains proteins, Vitamins D and E
  • Chemballi fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Chemballi fish has high levels of minerals like magnesium and selenium
  • Chemballi is a low-calorie fish
  • Chemballi fish contains essential amino acids