Nandu in English | Crab Meaning in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil | Benefits

Nandu in English | Crab Meaning in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil | Benefits

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Nandu in English

  • Nandu meaning in English is “Crab“

Crab Meaning in Hindi

  • Crab Meaning in Hindi is “Kekda / Kuriya

Crab Meaning in Tamil

  • Crab Meaning in Tamil is “Nandu

Crab in Telugu Meaning

  • Crab Meaning in Telugu is “Peetha / Pitha“

Crab in Malayalam Meaning

  • Crab Meaning in Malayalam is “Njandu“

Crab in Marathi Meaning

  • Crab Meaning in Marathi is “Khekra“

Crab in Kannada

  • Crab Meaning in Kannada is “Denji / ēḍi“

Crab in Bengali

  • Crab Meaning in Bengali is “Kankara“
crab meaning in hindi

Nandu / Crab

Nandu is generally covered with a thick exoskeleton and armed with a pair of claws. They are found in oceans, fresh water and on land as well. There are many varieties of Nandu. Seawater Nandu is Blue crab, Spotted crab and Red Crab while freshwater Nandu is the green crabs. Seawater Nandu is big in size and blue or brown in colour. The meat of this Nandu is very soft and white in colour. Blue nandu is also called blue swimmer crabs or flower crabs. This nandu can grow up to 8 inches in size.

Nandu dishes are very popular in India, particularly Tamil Nadu. Nandu recipes are heavily spiced to improve the culinary experience. The soup of Nandu is very healthy and also good enough to boost immunity. Nandu is low in calories and high in proteins.

Nandu Recipes

  • Nandu kulambu (or) curry
  • Nandu varuval
  • Nandu gravy
  • Nandu rasam
  • Nandu masala
  • Nandu Pepper Fry
  • Nandu roast
  • Chettinad Nandu masala
  • Nandu peratal
  • Nandu biryani
  • Nandu soup

Crab Health Benefits

  • Crab is good at healing common cold
  • Crab contains high-quality proteins, selenium and amino acids
  • Crab is rich in vitamins B2 (riboflavin) and minerals
  • Crab contains omega-3 polyunsaturated acids
  • Crab is good for brain health and development
  • Crab protects the heart from cardiovascular diseases
  • Crab contains calcium that is good for bones and teeth
  • Crab has low-fat levels
  • Crab boosts male fertility
  • Crab contains phosphorus and copper