Ayira Meen in English | Ayira Fish | Ayira Health Benefits

Ayira Meen in English | Ayira Fish | Ayira Health Benefits

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Ayira Meen in English

Ayira meen in English is “Indian spiny loach

ayira meen

Ayira Meen

Ayira meen is a small freshwater fish that is very popular in Tamil Nadu. Ayirai fish from the Vaigai river is considered the tastiest. They are also called Asara meen in Chennai. Ayira meen is caught when the water levels of the river reduce. Ayira meen is difficult to culture artificially.
The minimum supply and growing demand have made the fish a rare and expensive delicacy. A kilogram of Ayira fish is said to be between ₹1,200 and ₹1,500. In the market, this fish is sold in padi which is equal to 1.25 Kg.

Ayira meen kozhambu is a popular dish in restaurants. The cleaning of this fish is a tedious process. The milk is poured over the live fish to remove the mud present in its mouth and then rock salt is added to get rid of the scales and fins.

Ayira Meen Health Benefits

  • Ayira meen contains calcium, which is good for bones.
  • Ayira meen is rich in a lot of minerals.
  • Ayira meen has many medicinal values and is good for heart disease.
  • Ayira meen curry is good for curing a cold.