Kilimeen in English & Health Benefits

Kilimeen in English & Health Benefits

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Kilimeen in English

The English name of Kilimeen is ‘Pink Perch‘ or ‘Thread Finned Bream‘ or ‘Red Snapper

Kilimeen in Tamil

The Tamil name of Kilimeen is ‘Sankara meen

Pink Perch Fish in Tamil

The Tamil name is ‘Sankara

Pink Perch Fish in Telugu

The Telugu name is ‘Chalaneera Kanti

Kilimeen fish benefits

About Kilimeen Fish

Kilimeen is one of the tastiest fish available in Kerala. It is a seawater fish which is pink and small. Kilimeen Fry is the most popular dish in Kerala. This recipe is very easy that anyone can prepare it. The fish shallow fried in coconut oil is very delicious. Then comes the curry and peera. Kilimeen is a perfect fish for health conscious people due to its zero trans-fat. This fish is not oily due to just 5% of body fat.

Kilimeen Fish Health Benefits

Kilimeen fish has numerous benefits.

  • Kilimeen fish helps to control the cholesterol level in blood due to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids.
  • It is rich in docosahexaenoic acid.
  • Likewise, kilimeen fish helps to strengthen the bone and teeth due to calcium and phosphorus.
  • It contains vitamins such as A, B Complex, D, C etc.
  • It contains high quality protein but has low fat contents.
  • Furthermore, it is healthy and nourishing for the brain.