Pavakkai in English | Pavakka Benefits | Bitter Gourd Names

Pavakkai in English | Pavakka Benefits | Bitter Gourd Names

Pavakkai in English

  • English name of Pavakkai is ‘Bitter Gourd / Bitter Melon

Bitter Gourd in Hindi

  • Hindi name of Bitter Gourd is ‘Karela


Bitter Gourd in Malayalam

  • Malayalam name of Bitter Gourd is ‘Pavakka

Bitter Gourd in Kannada

  • Kannada name of Bitter Gourd is ‘Hagalakayi

Bitter Gourd in Marathi

  • Marathi name of Bitter Gourd is ‘Karle

Bitter Gourd in Gujarati

  • Gujarati name of Bitter Gourd is ‘Karela

Bitter Gourd in Bengali

  • Bengali name of Bitter Gourd is ‘ChaalKumro

Pavakkai / Bitter Gourd

Pavakkai is a widely grown vegetable throughout India that is bitter in taste. The scientific name of Pavakkai is Momordica charantia. It is popularly used in Indian and other South Asian cuisines. It is narrow shaped with pointed ends and the surface has triangular “teeth” and ridges. The flesh of Pavakkai is white coloured and seeds are present in the centre part. It requires a lot of sunshine and regular water access.

The flowering of Pavakka occurs from June to July and fruiting from September to November. Pavakka is often cooked when it is green in colour, before turning yellow. The yellow colour indicates that it is ripe and becomes more and more bitter.
The vine of Pavakkai grows up to 5 meters in length. Before cooking, the seeds of the Pavakkai are removed. The bitterness of the Pavakkai can be reduced by soaking it in the cold water.


There are many Pavakkai recipes. Pavakkai poriyal (or) thoran, Pavakkai fry, Pavakkai theeyal, Pavakkai pachadi are very popular in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Kakara kaya pulusu is a popular dish in Andhra Pradesh. Pavakkai has many health benefits. It is a good remedy for stomach related problems.


Pavakkai Health Benefits

  • Pavakkai is good for stomach and abdominal complaints
  • Pavakkai is used to treat diabetics
  • Pavakkai can prevent cancer
  • Pavakkai can reduce the level of blood glucose
  • Pavakkai is rich in iron, vitamin C and vitamin A
  • Pavakkai is good to heal respiratory diseases
  • Pavakkai decrease cholesterol levels
  • Pavakkai is used to treat cough and fever
  • Pavakkai is good for weight loss
  • Pavakkai is good for skin diseases and wounds
  • Pavakkai is good for menstrual problems
  • Pavakkai fights inflammation