Kanava Fish in English | Koonthal/Kadamba Fish | Squid Benefits

Kanava Fish in English | Koonthal/Kadamba Fish | Squid Benefits

Kanava Fish in English

  • Squid is the English name of Kanava Fish.

Squid in Tamil

  • Kadamba Fish / Kanavai / Oosi Kanawa are the Tamil name of Squid.

Squid in Hindi

  • Kalmari is the Hindi name of Squid.

Squid in Telugu

  • Kaamuta Sanchulu is the Telugu name of Squid.

Squid in Malayalam

  • Koonthal / Kanava fish is the Malayalam name of Squid.

Squid Fish in Kannada

  • Bondaas is the Kannada name of Squid.
koonthal fish kadamba fish

Kanava/Koonthal/Kadamba Fish

Kanava fish, belonging to the family of cephalopods, are molluscs without a skeleton. Kanava fish also called Cuttlefish are soft-bodied, like octopuses. The head and foot of the Kanava fish are at one end of a long body. It has a set of eight arms and two tentacles used for hunting. There are many varieties of Koonthal fish like black, white, hard shell and red. Koonthal fish contains high nutrients that are essential for the body. Kanava fish contains 67.5–80.7% protein and 2.22–8.48% fat.

Kanava fish is largely available in the coastal areas of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. They are tasty and cost-effective. Kanava fish has a slightly sweet taste and texture is chewy.

Kanava Fry/Koonthal Fry is a popular seafood delicacy in Kerala. Kanava is cleaned and sliced as rings, which are deep-fried after being mixed with masalas. Koonthal roast/kadamba roast is an equally popular dish available in restaurants in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Kadamba Fish Benefits

The benefits of Kanava fish are endless

  • Kadamba fish has a high content of protein
  • Kadamba fish contains phosphorus with traces of calcium and riboflavin
  • Kanava fish aids in weight loss
  • Kadamba fish is low in fat
  • Kadamba fish is rich in vitamin C and iron
  • Kanava fish has an important role in the formation of red blood cells
  • Kanava fish is a rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • Kadamba fish reduces inflammation
  • Kadamba fish is a powerful antioxidant
  • Kanava fish is good for heart health
  • Kanava fish contains zinc and manganese
  • Kadamba fish is high in copper and selenium