Pudina in English | Pudina Benefits | Mint Leaves Names

Pudina in English | Pudina Benefits | Mint Leaves Names

Pudina in English

  • English name of Pudina is “Mint Leaves or Mentha”


Pudina/Mint in Tamil

  • Mint meaning in Tamil is Pudina

Pudina/Mint in Malayalam

  • Malayalam name of Pudina is “Pudinaa”

Pudina/Mint in Hindi

  • Mint meaning in Hindi is “Pudina”

Pudina/Mint in Telugu

  • Telugu name of Pudina is “Pudina akku”

Pudina/Mint in Kannada

  • Kannada name of Pudina is “Pudina Soppu”

Pudina in Gujarati

  • Gujarati name of Pudina is “Fudino”

Pudina in Marathi

  • Marathi name of Pudina is “Pudina”

Pudina / Mint Leaves

Pudina is a perennial herb that belongs to the Lamiaceae family. It is considered one of the oldest culinary herbs. Pudina leaves emit a pleasant and distinctive smell. It keeps the breath fresh and creates a cool sensation in the mouth. The leaves of Pudina are normally dark green in color.

Pudina grows all year round near ponds, lakes, rivers where water is abundant. The Pudina leaves are used in curries both in fresh and dried form. It is used in herbal tea, candies, lamb dishes, syrups etc. Usage of Pudina leaves in meat dishes enhances the taste.


Pudina has multiple health benefits. It is low in calories. Pudina is a commonly used ingredient in Indian cuisine for making delicious biryani, chutney, curries, refreshing drinks and mojitos. Pudina is also used to manufacture toothpaste, candy, and beauty products.

Pudina Benefits

Pudina/Mint Leaves Health Benefits are endless

  • Pudina is a great remedy for treating stomach upset issues or indigestion
  • Pudina beats bad breath
  • Pudina helps control inflammation
  • Pudina is a rich source of polyphenols
  • Pudina contains powerful antioxidant properties
  • Pudina boosts the immune system
  • Pudina has antibacterial properties
  • Pudina is a remedy for the common cold
  • Pudina relieves chest congestion
  • Pudina helps to manage stress and depression
  • Pudina contains vitamin A, vitamin C, phosphorous, calcium
  • Pudina is a brain tonic and helps to improve brain power
  • Pudina helps in weight loss
  • Pudina is a remedy for acne and scar related issues
  • Pudina promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall
  • Pudina helps to reduce the symptoms of asthma
  • Pudina helps to increase hemoglobin
  • Pudina fights cancerous tumor cells
  • Pudina helps to protect against harmful bacteria
  • Pudina is good to manage blood sugar levels
  • Pudina helps in promoting restful sleep