Beerakaya in English | Beerakaya Benefits | Beerakaya English Name

Beerakaya in English | Beerakaya Benefits | Beerakaya English Name

Beerakaya in English

  • The English name of Beerakaya is “Ridge Gourd
Beerakaya english name


Beerakaya is a famous vegetable in India, China and Vietnam. Normally, on the fences, it grows like a creeper. The name of Beerakaya in English is Ridge Gourd. Beerakaya is dark green in colour and has ridged skin on the outer part. Inside, it appears to have white flesh with soft seeds. The ridged skin is peeled off before cooking.

Beerakaya fruit is fibrous when it is completely ripened. It is unfit for consumption. The fully ripened fruit is used in the bathroom as a scrubbing sponge. Beerakaya is used for cooking when it is still green and tender. Beerakaya is cooked with dal and that curry is a popular recipe in the Andhra region. It is also used to make pachadis, pakoras, sambar, raita and bhajjis. Chutney is made even with the skin of Beerakaya.

Beerakaya Recipes

  • Beerakaya Pachadi
  • Beerakaya Pappu
  • Beerakaya fry
  • Beerakaya Tomato Koora
  • Beerakaya Masala Curry
  • Beerakaya Kura
  • Beerakaya Palu Posina Kura
  • Beerakaya Mulakkada Kura
  • Beerakaya Ulli Karam Vepudu
  • Beerakaya Palleela Kura
  • Beerakaya Methi curry
  • Beerakaya batani kura
  • Beerakaya Kothamira Pachadi
  • Beerakaya Kootu
  • Beerakaya pottu with egg
  • Beerakaya kodi kura
  • Beerakaya Bajji

Due to its inherently bland taste, the taste of Beerakaya is not liked by many people, even though it has many health benefits.

Beerakaya Benefits

The Health Benefits of Beerakaya are endless

  • Beerakaya aids in weight loss
  • Beerakaya has many good digestive properties like prevention of constipation
  • Beerakaya is low in calorie content
  • Beerakaya helps to maintain the levels of blood sugar
  • Beerakaya purifies blood
  • Beerakaya is rich in vitamin A which enhances vision
  • Beerakaya is rich in dietary fibres, magnesium and vitamin B6
  • Beerakaya regulates metabolism
  • Beerakaya is rich in antioxidants compounds
  • Beerakaya helps to reduce cholesterol levels
  • Beerakaya juice is good for treating jaundice
  • Beerakaya strengthens the functioning of the liver
  • Beerakaya helps to remove the toxins from the body