Madavai Fish in English | Madavai Benefits | Grey Mullet Fish Names

Madavai Fish in English | Madavai Benefits | Grey Mullet Fish Names

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Madavai Fish in English

  • English name of Madavai Fish is ‘Bitter Gourd / Bitter Melon

Grey Mullet Fish in Hindi

  • Hindi name of Grey Mullet Fish is ‘Boi / Parshey / Shevto

Grey Mullet Fish in Telugu

  • Telugu name of Grey Mullet Fish is ‘Bontha parigi / Koniga / Kathi parigo

Grey Mullet Fish in Malayalam

  • Malayalam name of Grey Mullet Fish is ‘Thirutha / Kanambu

Grey Mullet Fish in Bengali

  • Bengali name of Grey Mullet Fish is ‘Bhangor
grey mullet fish

Madavai Fish / Grey Mullet Fish

The scientific name of Madavai fish is Mugil cephalus. Madavai is a tasty fish found worldwide in coastal temperate and tropical waters. It is largely found in the Indian ocean. It is a ray-finned fish that grows 35 to 75 centimetres in length and up to 6 kgs in weight. The bones of the fish are small. The flesh of the fish is oily and meaty.

Madavai fish enter the rivers and feed on algae. It is both fished and farmed. Madavai fish is very popular around the world. Madavai fish fry and Madavai fish curry are popular delicacies in Tamil Nadu. Since Madavai fish prefers fresh and clean water, they have a less muddy taste. Madavai fish has high oil content that makes it suitable for charcoal grilling.

Madavai Fish Benefits

  • Madavai fish contains protein and selenium
  • Madavai fish supports a strong immune system
  • Madavai fish is good for heart health
  • Madavai fish helps in the development of muscles
  • Madavai fish contains Vitamin B6, Phosphorus, potassium
  • Madavai fish helps in the formation of red blood cells
  • Madavai fish supports a healthy nervous system
  • Madavai fish is good for hair and skin due to its fatty acid content