Chura Fish in English | Choora Benefits | Tuna Fish Names

Chura Fish in English | Choora Benefits | Tuna Fish Names

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Choora/Chura Fish in English

English name of Choora/Chura fish is Tuna


Kera Fish in English

Yellowfin Tuna is the English name of Kera.


About Choora

Chura is a tasty seawater fish. It is also called Choora. Tuna is the largest consumed fish in the world. The flesh of the fish is moist and flaky with a darker pink colour. In many parts of the world, the frozen flesh of tuna is a favourite delicacy. The canned tuna fish is used in sandwiches. The fresh Chura fish is normally consumed in the form of curry, deep-fry and pickle. Kerala style choora curry is a very popular recipe.
Yellowfin fish is another type of tuna that is larger in size. Also called Kera in Malayalam.

Choora Health Benefits

  • The levels of omega 3 fatty acids are high in tuna fish.
  • It is good for heart health.
  • Contains high content of vitamins, minerals, nutrients.
  • It prevents arthritis
  • It increases immunity and energy level of the body
  • It is good for bones and muscles