Jeeragam in English | Jeeragam & its Water Benefits | Cumin Seeds

Jeeragam in English | Jeeragam & its Water Benefits | Cumin Seeds

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Get to know the name of Jeeragam in English & Cumin Seeds and powder name in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu.

Jeeragam in English

  • Jeeragam meaning in English is “Cumin seeds“


Cumin Powder in Tamil

  • Cumin Powder in Tamil is “Jeeraga thool (or) Seeraga thool.

Cumin Seeds in Hindi

  • Cumin meaning in Hindi is “Jeera

Cumin Powder in Hindi

  • Cumin powder in Hindi is “Jeera powder


Cumin Seeds in Malayalam

  • Cumin Seeds meaning in Malayalam is “Jeerakam

Cumin Powder in Malayalam

  • Cumin powder in Malayalam is “Jeerakam podi

Cumin Seeds in Telugu

  • Cumin Seeds meaning in Telugu is “Jilakara

Cumin Powder in Telugu

  • Cumin powder in Telugu is “Jilakara podi

Cumin Seeds in Kannada

  • Cumin Seeds meaning in Kannada is “Jeerige

Cumin Powder in Kannada

  • Cumin powder in Kannada is “Jeerige pudi
cumin seed in hindi

Jeeragam (or) Cumin Seeds

Jeeragam is a small, boat-shaped brown seed which is dried and used as a staple spice in many food cultures, particularly Indian, Asian, Mexican, Middle East, African cuisine. Jeeragam plant is found in the Indian subcontinent. Jeeragam is an ancient spice of India. Jeeragam is about 5 mm in size. Jeeragam is widely known ingredient that has distinctive flavour and aroma. It is mainly due to its essential oil content.

The flavour of Jeerakam is earthy, nutty and warm. Jeerakam is used in both whole and powdered form, and both are used in recipes. It is used in both vegetable, fish and meat cuisines. Cumin is commonly used in certain curries, soups, seasoning and also used as an ingredient in some pickles, pastries. In the Indian cuisines, jeerakam is added to hot oil at the start of the dish preparation to infuse its flavour. Jeera rice is the most popular Indian recipe, which is a combination of rice and jeerakam.

The dried Jeeragam is believed to have medicinal purposes and has been used in traditional medicine. Jeeragam is a remedy for several health problems. Jeeragam water which is made by boiling cumin seeds is commonly consumed instead of plain water by people in Kerala and other South Indian states. This Jeeragam water drink is yellowish and good for digestion.

Benefits of Jeeragam

  • Jeeragam is good for indigestion. It increases the release of bile from the liver
  • Jeeragam is good for people trying to reduce body weight
  • Jeeragam lower levels of total cholesterol, bad cholesterol and triglycerides and higher levels of good cholesterol
  • Jeeragam is good for diabetes. It can reduce blood sugar, insulin and hemoglobin levels
  • Jeeragam stimulates the appetite and aides detoxification of the body
  • Jeeragam is good for memory loss
  • Jeeragam helps the body to handle stress
  • Jeeragam has a good source of iron and very beneficial for anaemics
  • Jeeragam prevents foodborne diseases
  • Jeeragam helps to fight inflammation
  • Jeeragam has antiseptic properties and cures cold
  • Jeeragam boost the power of the liver to flush out toxins from the body

Jeeragam Water Benefits

jeeragam water benefits

Benefits of Jeeragam Water are endless

  • Jeeragam Water is good for the stomach and keeps the digestive system on track
  • Jeeragam Water is good for common colds
  • Jeeragam Water improves cardiac health
  • Jeeragam Water is low in calories and reduces obesity
  • Jeeragam Water controls diabetes and blood sugar levels
  • Jeeragam Water boosts immunity
  • Jeeragam Water treats anaemia
  • Jeeragam water is anti-inflammatory
  • Jeeragam Water reduces the risk of cancer
  • Jeeragam water stabilizes blood pressure
  • Jeeragam Water improves metabolism and burns fat
  • Jeeragam Water is rich in minerals which aid in the rejuvenation of the skin
  • Jeeragam Water treats acne
  • Jeeragam Water helps to keep hair healthy