Thatta Payaru in English | Thattai Payaru | Health Benefits

Thatta Payaru in English | Thattai Payaru | Health Benefits

Thatta Payaru in English

  • Thatta Payaru in English is “Yard Long Bean
  • Other English names are “Pea bean / Long-podded cowpea / Chinese long bean / Snake bean


Thatta Payaru in Tamil

  • Thatta Payaru in Tamil is “Payathangai

Thatta Payaru in Telugu

  • Thatta Payaru in Telugu is “Ara Chintakayalu

Thatta Payaru in Hindi

  • Thatta Payaru in Hindi is “Yaard lambe sem
thatta payaru english

Thatta Payaru

Thatta payaru or Thattai payaru is a variety of cowpea cultivated for its long green pods that are used as a food source. Considered as the oldest cultivated plant. It is a pencil-thin bean that is high in protein. Thatta payaru grows up to about 3 feet long. It has white or pale yellow flowers. The beans are found after 60 days from planting. It is vastly available in India.
It can be effectively intercropped with other crops like maize, millet. Thatta payaru can grow even in poor hot dry conditions and often heavy rains, diseases, and pests were not many other crops will grow. Thatta payaru can also vine on the pepper plants. The plant is also used as a fodder crop for cows.
Thatta payaru is easy and quick to grow, and often referred to as poor man’s food. Thatta payaru is commonly used to make thoran or fry in Kerala or poriyal in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the popular vegetable recipes found in all restaurants in India. Thatta payaru is good when consumed young and slender. Thattai payaru is low in fat and rich in minerals and vitamins.

The dried peas (red cowpeas) are harvested from Thatta payaru. The dried peas are called vanpayaru in Malayalam and Karamani in Tamil.

Thattai Payaru Benefits

Thattai payaru health benefits are endless

  • Thatta payaru is rich in proteins
  • Thatta payaru contains vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, iron
  • Thatta payaru improves the digestive system
  • Thatta payaru is rich in phosphorus, and potassium that is good for bones
  • Thatta payaru reduces the risk of cancerous cell
  • Thatta payaru is a very good source of vitamin C, folate, magnesium
  • Thatta payaru contains good amount of dietary fibre
  • Thatta payaru can decrease levels of LDL cholesterol
  • Thatta payaru helps to build immunity
  • Thatta payaru is good for skin