Nuvvulu in English | Nuvvulu Health Benefits

Nuvvulu in English | Nuvvulu Health Benefits

Nuvvulu in English

  • Nuvvulu in English is “Sesame Seeds


Nuvvulu english name


Nuvvulu is regarded to be the world’s oldest oilseed crop for over 3000 years. The English name of Nuvvulu is Sesame Seeds. It is a seed from the plant named Sesamum indicum. Nuvvulu has high oil content. White and black are the two varieties of Nuvvulu. It has a great monetary value. Sudan, Myanmar, and India lead the world in Nuvvulu output.


Despite the fact that Nuvvulu is tiny, measuring only 3-4 mm long and 2 mm wide, 5 million metric tonnes are generated each year. The seeds are first discovered inside a pod, in a black shell.
Nuvvulu and its oil are widely used in a variety of Indian cuisines. It has a sweet, nutty flavour and is used whole in cooking.

Nuvvulu can be found in a variety of bread, bagels and hamburger. Nuvvulu is blended with hot jaggery or palm sugar and formed into balls and bars, which is a popular snack in India.
Nuvvulu has many health benefits. It is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Nuvvulu is also used to make medicines, cosmetics and soaps.

Nuvvulu Benefits

Benefits of Nuvvulu are endless

  • Nuvvulu assists in the formation of blood cells
  • Nuvvulu helps to lower cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Plant protein present in Nuvvulu helps in lowering blood pressure
  • Nuvvulu helps hormone balance during menopause
  • Nuvvulu is good for the health of the heart
  • Nuvvulu reduces inflammation
  • Nuvvulu contains Vitamins B, calcium and Vitamins E
  • Nuvvulu aids digestion
  • Nuvvulu is beneficial for blood sugar control
  • Nuvvulu is rich in antioxidants that help the immune system, as well as relieve arthritic knee pain and support thyroid health
  • Nuvvulu boosts respiratory health
  • Nuvvulu helps to maintain bone health
  • Nuvvulu improves male fertility