Mushi Fish in English | Mushi Benefits | Keluthi Meen

Mushi Fish in English | Mushi Benefits | Keluthi Meen

Mushi Fish in English

  • English name of Mushi Fish is “Walking Catfish / Indian Cat Fish”


Mushi Fish in Tamil

  • Tamil name of Mushi Fish is Keluthi Meen”


Mushi Fish in Hindi

  • Hindi name of Mushi Fish is Teesrya / Shimplya”


Mushi Fish in Telugu

  • Telugu name of Mushi Fish is Jelalu / Walaga”

Mushi Fish in Kannada

  • Kannada name of Mushi Fish is Murgodu”

Mushi Fish / Keluthi Meen

Mushi is a popular freshwater fish that is farmed and caught widely for food in Southeast Asia. Clarias batrachus is the scientific name of Mushi fish. It is also known as Walking Catfish as it roams from one place of water to another for food. It can survive without water and wiggle on land for a long time. The body of Mushi fish is covered by mucus that makes it very slippery.

Mushi is a fish that can live in slushy and marshy areas and also they feed on different kinds of smaller fish for survival. Mostly they are found in muddy ponds, streams, rivers. Mushi can grow to a weight of 8-10 kgs or even higher in a very short period. It is greyish brown in colour and also it has a strong sting behind its fins. Mushi fish has a lot of health benefits. It is high in proteins. Mushi is low in calories.

There is another variety of Mushi which is known as African Mushi. It is very large shaped and poses a threat to other fish genera. Kaari and Koori are the other types of Mushi fish.

Mushi Fish Health Benefits

  • Mushi fish develops body strength
  • Mushi fish provides high-quality proteins
  • Mushi fish is rich in niacin and vitamin B-12
  • Mushi fish contains additional nutrients like iron, zinc, phosphorus
  • Mushi fish is packed with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals