Koduva Fish in English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada

Koduva Fish in English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada

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Koduva Fish in English

  • Sea Bass or Barramundi is the English name of Koduva meen.


Koduva Fish in Malayalam

  • Kalaanji is the Malayalam name of Koduva.

Koduva Fish in Telugu

  • Pandugappa is the Telugu name of Koduva.


Koduva Fish in Kannada

  • Koliji is the Telugu name of Koduva meen.

Koduva Fish in Bengali

  • Bhetki is another name in Bengali.

Koduva Fish in Tamil

  • Asal Koduva is another name in Tamil.
koduva fish

About Koduva

Koduva is a sea fish that has an elegant flavour. The flesh of the fish is lean with medium white flakes. Its body is elongated and the mouth is big. The tail is rounded or straight-edged. The size of koduva meen varies from a few centimetres to 1 or 2 metres. The Sea bass fish is available in many countries with different colours like grey, brownish or blackish.
People consider koduva meen as one of the tasty fish for fish curry preparation. All age groups of people can consume koduva fish. It is found in India in large quantities mainly on the East and West coasts.

Health Benefits of Koduva Fish

  • It increases the immunity of the body
  • Good for heart and brain
  • Source of protein and selenium
  • It contains essential omega-3 fatty acids