Falsa in English | Falsa Fruit Juice Benefits | Phalsa

Falsa in English | Falsa Fruit Juice Benefits | Phalsa

Falsa in English

What is Falsa fruit in English?

  • English name of Falsa fruit is “Grewia Asiatica /  Indian Sherbet Berry”


Falsa in Tamil

  • Falsa meaning in Tamil is “Unnu”

Falsa in Malayalam

  • Malayalam name of Falsa is “Chadicha”


Falsa in Hindi

  • Falsa meaning in Hindi is “Phalsa”

Falsa in Telugu

  • Telugu name of Falsa is “Phutiki”

Falsa in Kannada

  • Kannada name of Falsa is “Phulsha”

Falsa in Gujarati

  • Gujarati name of Falsa is “Shukri”

Falsa in Marathi

  • Marathi name of Falsa is “Phalsa”
falsa juice benefits
Falsa Juice

Falsa Fruit / Phalsa / Grewia Asiatica

Falsa fruit, also known as Grewia asiatica or  Indian Sherbet Berry in English, is a tropical plant native to parts of India and Asia. Falsa has been used medicinally by Africans since the 1500s. The leaves are often used to relieve pain and treat skin infections, but it’s the roots that are responsible for the plant’s medicinal properties. Asiaticoside, an active compound in Falsa, has shown promising results when it comes to preventing cancer and other illnesses. Keep reading to learn more about this unique plant and its many health benefits!

The Falsa plant has long been valued by traditional medicine practitioners, who have used its flowers, fruits, and leaves to treat skin problems, heal wounds, and fight infections. It’s currently being studied in the laboratory for its ability to kill certain strains of bacteria that are resistant to other common antibiotics, which could make it useful in treating MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) infections.

If you are in India or other parts of Asia, chances are that you have come across a plant called Falsa. It’s actually quite common in those regions and can grow up to about 3 feet tall. You may also know it by another name, Indian Phalsa fruit. The Falsa fruit is native to India, but can be found growing in Asia and Africa too. It belongs to an evergreen tree family known as Sapindaceae with two species being Grewia biloba and Grewia tiliaefolia . You can eat its leaves, fruits, flowers, seeds and bark for medicinal purposes.

Falsa Benefits

There are many health benefits of Falsa fruit, especially when consumed raw. Let’s take a look at some of them here.
In Ayurvedic medicine, Falsa fruit is used to treat inflammation and fever. It helps remove toxins from your body while providing antioxidants that protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. When consumed regularly, it boosts your immune system and keeps you healthy overall.

Falsa has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes in Africa and Asia. It’s also known by many other names, including Grewia glandulosa, custard apple and tropical wild raisin. The health benefits of Falsa are derived from two primary components: its leaves and fruit. Research shows that both parts have unique properties that can help to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure while reducing inflammation throughout your body, including in your joints. In fact, some research indicates that consuming Grewia may be effective at preventing or treating conditions such as heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.

The fruit and seed oil of Falsa have many benefits. You can apply it directly to your skin if you have a rash or any kind of skin irritation, or use it topically on insect bites, fungal infections, and even sunburns. Falsa Fruit has also been proven to be effective against itching and can be applied to treat scabies and eczema too. It’s even been used in African tribes to alleviate anal itching; however, do not ingest any part of grewia without supervision by a medical professional because it can potentially cause sickness, paralysis or death due to its high level of toxicity if used in excess.

The fruit produced by Falsa is similar in appearance to that of mangos, but it’s slightly sweeter than a mango. Although not very well-known outside its natural habitat, falsa contains numerous health benefits that are frequently used in traditional medicine.

Falsa Juice Benefits

The juice from a falsa can be used for many purposes including fever reduction, nausea relief and even cancer treatment! Due to these exceptional qualities, you may wish to consider adding falsa fruit to your diet.

  • Falsa juice has been used to treat liver and gall bladder disorders for generations.
  • Falsa juice might help with digestive issues like indigestion and high acidity.
  • Sunburn patients and those suffering from heat stroke will benefit from Falsa juice.
  • Falsa juice is an excellent complement for diabetics.
  • Falsa juice helps to prevent digestive issues including acidity and indigestion.

Ways To Prepare Falsa Fruit For Consumption

Below, we discuss some of falsa’s medicinal properties and give tips on how to prepare them for consumption.
You have two options when preparing falsa for consumption. First, you can eat them raw like an apple or pear; or second, boil them until they’re soft enough to eat. Before doing either, however, remember that some people may be allergic to berries, so make sure you don’t have any allergies before eating too much fruit.