What is a Ford Ranger’s Towing Capacity?

What is a Ford Ranger’s Towing Capacity?

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If you are thinking about pulling something behind your Ranger, you want to check into its towing capacity first. Some 2024 models can tow up to 7,500 pounds, which is a considerable amount. However, not all Rangers can handle that type of load. Towing capacity depends on so much more than the make and model of your truck. Everything from Ford Ranger running boards to passengers to cargo in the bed will impact your towing capacity. 

Radiator and Cooling Systems Upgrades for a Better Towing Experience

The cooling system may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of towing, but it plays an important role. Towing, especially at or near capacity, puts strain on many engine components. As they work harder, your engine may start to run hotter than normal. That is why many trucks designed with towing in mind have robust cooling systems and extra coolers for the transmission. Consider upgrading your system or at least adding a coolant designed for towing to reduce the likelihood of overheating. 

The Strength, Reliability & Safety of a Trailer Hitch

Towing capacity is only as high as your system’s weakest link. That’s why, even if your truck can handle 7,500 pounds, a hitch rated at 5,000 will lower your max capacity. If you are unsure about the rating on your hitch, you want to do a little research before hooking a trailer to it. 

You should be able to talk to your dealer for the specs on a factory-installed system. If you have an aftermarket one, get underneath the truck and look for a model/serial number. If you are unsure, it may be best to go with a new Ford Ranger trailer hitch to ensure a safe towing experience. 

AutoZone Carries Multiple Classes of Hitches

If you decide on a new hitch, consider investing in one that matches your truck’s maximum capacity. This is a good idea even if you don’t plan to be close to it. To do this, you will want a basic understanding of hitch classes.

Class ratings run between I and IV, with a class I hitch rated for up to 2,000 pounds and tongue weight of 200 pounds and a class IV hitch rated for up to 12,000 pounds with up to 1,200 pounds of tongue weight. Most Ford Rangers are suitable for class II and II hitches. 

Take the time to look at all the available hitches in various classes that are compatible with your truck’s make and year. Then find one that fits your needs.  

Battery and Alternator Impacts From Towing

Believe it or not, towing can impact a truck’s battery and the charging system. Before you start towing, think about purchasing an upgraded replacement battery for Ford Ranger to avoid draining your current one. 

The Ford Ranger is a popular and dependable midsize truck. You can safely tow trailers, boats, and small campers with them as long as you stay within your capacity limits, which may be as high as 7,500 pounds. Before you do, install high-quality accessories to help reduce strain and keep your Ranger towing confidently.