Today Gold Rate in Kozhikode/Calicut for 1 gram & 1 Pavan

Today Gold Rate in Kozhikode/Calicut for 1 gram & 1 Pavan

22 May, 2024

Today’s Gold Price in Kozhikode/Calicut

The gold price in Kozhikode for 1 Pavan today is INR ₹37,440

Gram22 Carat 916 Gold price today24 Carat Gold price today
1 gram Gold Rate in Calicut₹4,680₹5,108
8 gram (or) 1 Pavan Gold Rate in Calicut₹37,440₹40,864
10 gram Gold Rate in Calicut₹46,800₹51,080

Kozhikode is classified as a Tier 2 city in the state of Kerala. Also known by its anglicized version, Calicut. It was one of the major trading hub for Indian Spices. Calicut is nicknamed as the City of Spices. In the past many travellers from different places have visited the city. During those time Kozhikode had one of the great ports in the Malabar region where merchants from different parts of the world come for trading.

Kozhikode has been multi-religious as people from several communities and regional groups are settled here. There are Hindus, Muslims, Christians. There are also families of Tamil Brahmins, Gujaratis, Marwaris settled as part of their business.

The economy of Calicut is dominated by industries and service sectors, and it is one of the biggest commercial cities of Kerala.

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Gold rate Source: All Kerala Gold and Silver Merchants Association