Nethili Fish in English | Nethili Health Benefits | Anchovy Fish

Nethili Fish in English | Nethili Health Benefits | Anchovy Fish

Nethili Fish in English

  • The English name of Nethili is Anchovy.


Anchovy Fish in Tamil

  • Other Tamil names of Anchovy are Thogaimeen and Nethali.

Anchovy Fish in Malayalam

  • Malayalam name is Anchovy fish is “Kozhuva”, “Netholi”, “Chooda”,Methala”, “Podimeen“.

Nethili Fish in Telugu

  • Telugu name is Nethili Fish is “Nethallu” or “Pooroava” or “Kelba” or “Poravallu”

Nethili Fish in Kannada

  • Anchovy Fish name in Kannada is “Bolingei Kollathuru


Nethili Fish in Hindi

  • Nethili Fish name in Hindi is “Kati

Nethili Fish in Marathi

  • Marathi name of Nethili is ‘Mandeli

Nethili Fish in Oriya

  • Oriya name of Nethili is ‘Kokali
nethili fish in english anchovy fish

Nethili is basically a tasty salt water forage fish that is shiny and small. Size ranging from 2 cm to 30 cm in adult length. Normally, it is found in the Indian and Pacific oceans. There are many varieties of anchovies. The white nethili is of high demand, which is slightly bigger than the black variant. The medicinal property is high in white kozhuva fish. The black variant is much cheaper than the white.

The main advantage of the anchovy fish is that it is available in abundance with cheap price. They also have sufficient nutrient quality. Every season, bulk amount of nethili is dried and exported to other countries. Netholi is one of the fish being used in animals feeds and organic fertilizers.
This fish contains a lot of nutrients and has many health benefits. The fish is easy to clean and the bones of the fish are very delicate that it can be chewed easily. The Nethili fish curry is usually made with mango. Nethili is mainly prepared as fish fry, which is more popular than the fish curry. In restaurants, Nethili fry or Kozhuva fish fry is available as a starter. Nethili is considered as an oily fish. This fish is a delicacy in most parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
Netholi peera is a famous dish in Kerala. A preparation with grated coconut and green chilli.

Nethili Fish Benefits

Anchovy fish benefits are endless.

  • Nethili fish is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • The bone of Netholi is rich in calcium, which is good for our bones as well.
  • Kozhuva fish is rich in vitamins A, D, Vitamin B-Niacin, thiamin, riboflavin.
  • Nethili helps with the reduction of bad cholesterol levels.
  • Nethili prevents cardiovascular diseases and is good for people with heart ailments.
  • Nethili contains protein, which is good for children. An average fish provides 9 gram of protein and only 55 calories.
  • Netholi contains many minerals such as Selenium that is good for prevention of cancer.
  • Kozhuva fish helps in preventing inflammation diseases.
  • Nethili regulates blood pressure.

How to Make Nethili Meen/Kozhuva Fish Fry

  • Take fresh Nethili and clean it well with turmeric (to avoid smell).
  • Put Kozhuva in a bowl.
  • Add chilli, pepper and turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste and salt to taste.
  • Coat the fish with the masala well.
  • Leave the fish for 30 minutes for marination.
  • Take a pan and heat the oil.
  • Drop the marinated fish one by one into the oil.
  • Fry the fish till it is crispy.
  • Now the crunchy Nethili fish fry is ready to be served.