Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Moving Business Through Social Media

Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Moving Business Through Social Media

Social media is a happy place to release your stress, but it is also a platform that is potent enough to boost any business. Even the niches that you think cannot grow on such platforms are getting leads here; for instance, the moving and logistics industries. Talking about this industry, you may wonder how online marketing strategies can be useful for a logistics company since it is a business to be carried out on the field—does it even make any sense? Traditional ways may only seem apt in the case of industries like moving, cleaning, construction, etc. But let me break it to you: people do maintain proper social media for logistics companies. So, let people discover, follow, and learn about your brand over significant social media platforms, and enjoy the business growth that follows. Today, we will help you draft advertising ideas for your moving company.  

While drafting digital marketing strategies for a logistics company, you may get confused about whether to go for organic ways or take up the paid ideas too. Well, in some cases, you can go in for paid social media ads, like when you are offering discounts or when you are launching something new. It will help show your posts on the front pages. Paid ads sometimes hinder the other goals of your page, like increasing the number of followers or reaching more people with any existing post, because the traffic will be driven by the paid posts. But being in the moving industry, our ultimate goal is not to have followers or likes. Our goal is to generate leads first and form client relationships; everything else follows. So, if you are giving away a moving franchise or offering discounts on your storage unit facility, then you must promote that offer through paid ads.

Let’s see what platforms you can go for, what strategies will help you, etc.

Let’s go step by step: 


Facebook is a great platform where you can easily get verified, which adds magnificently to the authenticity of your brand. The moment you get 10,000 likes or more on your page, you can apply for verification. Creating quality content can help you reach this number.

  • The best advantage here is that you can join groups related to your niche.
  • Running paid ads here is also more advantageous than on any other platform.
  • Though going live here is not much of an advantage as compared to Instagram, you can share the links to your Instagram live in the groups you have joined on Facebook.
  • Also, post stories with polls and stickers. Since you use the native features of the app, the app itself helps it reach its audience. This further interests the audience to participate in it; thus, you go up in the engagement charts.
  • Another interesting thing about Facebook is that it notifies your followers that you have posted a poll and that it is expiring soon. It also notifies your followers that you have posted a story in a while. This further helps you get organic traffic.
  • While posting, make sure that you use hashtags that are relevant to your post. Choose the right range of hashtags for your post to make it easily accessible.


Whenever a user comes to your profile, he or she gets hooked by the initial part of your profile. While maintaining the Instagram of your business, these are the things you need to dive deep into:

Bio: The bio should confirm what your brand helps the user with. For example, for your moving brand, you can use the following bios:


  • You can make it more promising by saying things like:
  • “Redefining the Art of Moving (emoji)”
  • Catered to 1000+ clients (emoji)
  • 40+ Professional Packers and Movers (emoji)
  • Know more about us (emoji: finger pointing downwards)
  • Link to your website

This bio will help your users understand your brand, and the authenticity of your brand increases as you put the link in your bio. The emojis further add a signature to your brand and make it attractive. 

Your Profile

Keep your profile maintained in such a way that it matches what you talk about in your bio. Instagram has launched this latest feature that allows you to pin your best-performing posts. You can pin the top 3 posts that brag the most about your brand in an organic way and are relevant to the information that is in your bio.

  • Next, Instagram is more about video content. Make scripts that grab the attention of your users in the first 7 seconds; use trending reel music.
  • Also, you can make videos showing the behind-the-scenes hard work of your packers; video testimonials of your clients can also be posted. Put all your good work categorically in the form of highlights.
  • Use relatable and well-placed hashtags.
  • Go for influencer marketing by collaborating with bloggers in your niche. Share the content of people who are posting about your industry.


  • Every day, multiple hashtags trend on Twitter. Find the ones that are related to your industry, post accordingly, and use those hashtags.
  • Do re-tweet the relatable content.
  • Put polls to incite action from your audience
  • In case there is some burning topic that may not be related to your industry but to show the emotional content and ethical values of the brand, prefer tweeting about it.


It is the best platform for your business-to-business engagement. Let’s get started with LinkedIn:

  • Upload the logo of your company.
  • Add your location and mention your industry.
  • Create a quick overview of your company.
  • Add ties with other businesses

Since LinkedIn is all about business partnerships, try to make more and more connections here. You can strengthen your ties through private messages.

Some must-haves while planning the layout for your content strategy: 

  • Profile Creation

Create professional business accounts if you have not already done so. Do not go for any fancy names, and avoid using any digits or punctuation marks at the beginning of your username. Also, keep the same username for all the platforms. This way, it will be easy for users to find your profile.

  • Post about topics related to the moving and storage industry. 

If you post about topics related to your industry, it will help you connect with people in your industry. You can create posts like “tips” to find the best and most professional packers and movers to give you a hassle-free move. You can post it by giving the key points in the posters and a bit more detail in the captions.

Brands usually commit the mistake of just promoting their brand. They claim to be the best and persuade people to buy their product or use their service. Your potential clients will require a lot more than just advertisements. They also need some useful information related to the industry; this will keep your audience hooked.

  • Do not hesitate to share others’ content 

Posting your content and showing your ideas in a creative way is important, but there is no harm in sharing any post that is related to your niche. But keep this in mind so that you do not miss giving credit to the owner of the post. In this way, you will be able to form a network in your niche and get some content variation as well. So, don’t feel hesitant to share that article with helpful tips for social media marketing for a logistics company. Even if it is not your content, since you share such informative content, people will follow you. More the followers, the more authentic your brand looks.

  • Engagement is the key 

Make it a point to engage with your followers, either by sharing their posts or by responding through comments and likes. But it should not look mechanical. Add a humanistic touch while doing this. For instance, if someone comments that they liked their moving experience with you, then say something like, “Thanks a lot for choosing us, Daisy!”

  • Encourage Engagement 

Another significant method suggested by experts who handle social media for moving companies is to create conversational content. You can ask questions of your audience or post some basic “yes” or “no” polls on your pages. It will make your users participate and engage with your content. You can also post some contests and giveaways to engage the audience.

  • Make your posts easily searchable by adding relevant hashtags 

If your post is easily searchable, then it will be easy for your followers to engage with it. Relevant hashtags will help put your post in the Explore section, the newsfeed, or suggestions (depending on the platform you are working on) of people who are looking for similar services or products. It will help you connect with people who are not following you but are interested in moving and packing services.

  • Post Consistently 

To maintain the authenticity of your brand; you should show up regularly for your followers. It will mean that your brand is active. These days, people scroll through your social media to examine the comments on your profile. In such a case, if your profile is not active, that leaves a negative impression on the potential client. On the other hand, the user is much more likely to choose a brand with an active profile.

Post Ideas for Movers

To build the trust of your brand, you certainly need to add a humanistic touch to it. For this matter, you need to take your audience behind the scenes. 

  • Introduce your audience to your team.
  • Post photos or videos of your team helping. 
  • Posting activities from on-job locations is yet another way to prove that your packing and moving company is helping people move.

Here are some content ideas for your moving brand 

  • Issues in your supply chain 

Post relevant information about unforeseen freight transition issues or accidents through social media and update the delivery schedule, reroute the deliveries, or update your clients about the circumstances.

  • Risk Identification 

Always stay updated about the weather conditions and other factors that may affect the moving schedule and take the required precautions. Educate your clients about it through your social media platforms. It will inform them that you take the necessary measures and do not conduct the move in haste. It will also convey that your brand does thorough research in advance and is honest.

  • Platform-specific strategies 

Some strategies will work for your brand, while others may not. Although the parameters by which you design your posts can be similar, the way you present them should vary as per the trends of that platform. As Instagram is a colorful platform and LinkedIn is a formal platform, accordingly, you have to draft the strategies.

All in All 

Make posts that are not only bragging about your brand, but also educate your audience. It should be fun to learn.

Through LinkedIn, you can connect to other trucking companies, engage with business partners, and build a strong team by hiring experienced people.

Through Facebook and Instagram, you can engage with your potential clients. Create engaging posts and add a relevant CTA to your posts. You can direct your audience to your website or DMs. You can also run paid ads on these platforms.

Use your YouTube channel to provide educational information on trucking and logistics.

Many people feel that just by creating business accounts, half the game is sorted, but it is a lot more than that. You have to keep measurable goals in social media marketing that includes: 

  • Optimizing and maintaining your profiles.
  • Posting images, stories, live videos, and videos that will represent your brand and attract a target
  • Responding to comments, likes, shares, and replies will keep you up on the engagement charts.
  • Creating a community around you by engaging with influencers, followers, and clients, and joining groups related to your industry

I hope you are all set to level up the social media strategies for your moving company. Remember to not get exhausted while framing the strategies and enjoy your content creation journey.