If you’ve just remembered that yesterday was the anniversary, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are a wealth of gifting options in Dubai if you know where to look. From handcrafted jewellery to bespoke fragrances, the city has something to please everyone. 

You might be short on time and convenience, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle for less. Check out our selection of the five best gift shops in Dubai in 2024. One of these is sure to yield the gift your loved one deserves.

1) Hallmark

Hallmark is famous for its unique cards for all kinds of relationships, with greetings that range from romantic to quirky. But they also provide a large selection of gifts for every occasion, including beautiful ornaments in porcelain, crystal and glass that are sure to delight the collector in you. 

2) Hamleys

Need a special gift for your little one? Take a trip to the world’s most famous toy emporium. Hamleys has a long and proud history – it was first established by a Cornishman named William Hamley, the son of a tin miner, who dreamed of opening the best toy shop in the world. With over 100,000 toys, the Hamleys store is an endless wonderland of fun, joy and magic. 

3) Paperchase

Do you love the scent of fresh paper? Are you obsessed with getting the right stationery? Then Paperchase could be your paradise. The premier UK retailer offers a vast range of exquisitely designed stationery, stunning notebooks and notepads, quality art and craft materials and one-of-a-kind gifts and greeting cards. In short, Paperchase provides everything you need to please the stationeryphile in your life.

4) Sanrio

You may not have heard of Sanrio, but you know Hello Kitty, so if you want to shop for this iconic brand, just head over to Sanrio’s store in Dubai. From stationery and toys to home and lifestyle accessories, travel kits, cosmetics and even clothing for adults, Hello Kitty is the perfect gift for those who love a little dose of cuteness.

5) Virgin Megastore

If you’re shopping for a music buff or technophile, Virgin Megastore in Dubai is your destination. It provides a bit of everything from music, event tickets, cosmetics and fashion to novelty items, toys, games and puzzles. 

With so many options to choose from, there is no excuse to forget a gift. Get something that your loved one will treasure for a lifetime.