Jewellers in Thrissur | Wholesale Gold Jewellery in Thrissur

Jewellers in Thrissur | Wholesale Gold Jewellery in Thrissur

History of Gold Jewellers in Thrissur

In 300 BC, the Romans & Greeks came and settled in and around Kodungallur for trading. They exchanged gold for Kerala spices. There was a great demand for goldsmiths during the arrival of Christians & Jews for crafting the gold crowns for their bishops.
In modern times, the deregulation of the gold sector opened tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs from the city. This turned most of the goldsmiths into owners and gold jewellery wholesale dealers.

Jewellery in Thrissur

Thrissur is considered the hub of the gold jewellery business in Kerala and also called the ‘Gold Capital’. People from across Kerala would travel here to buy gold jewellery as the purity is excellent. The city has the most number of gold jewellery shops and provides employment for many. It is a vital revenue producer for the economy of Kerala. It is said that around 30% of the gold jewellery in India is designed by a goldsmith based in the city.

Jewellery Shops in Thrissur

In South India, it is one of the big manufacturing centers of gold jewellery. Around 70% of the gold jewellery in Kerala is manufactured in Thrissur. There are more than 700 jewellery outlets, 3000 gold manufacturing and above 40,000 goldsmiths based in the city. Renowned jewellery groups have their own manufacturing facility and retail outlets. Kalyan, Jos Alukka & Sons, Joyalukkas, Chungath, Chemmanur, Lulu Gold, Josco Group are headquartered here.

List of Thrissur Gold Jewellery Shops

  • Bhima Gold
  • Josco Jewellers
  • Regal Jewellers Thrissur
  • Manjali Jewellers Thrissur
  • Konikkara Jewellery Thrissur
  • Irene Gold Jewellery Thrissur
  • Trinity Gold Thrissur
  • Kalyan Jewellers
  • Jos Alukkas
  • Joyalukkas Jewellery
  • Thottan Jewellery Thrissur
  • RRJ Gold Thrissur
  • JJ Jewellers Thrissur
  • EZA Jewellery Thrissur
  • Aiswarya Jewellery Thrissur
  • Kerala Manufacturers Jewellery (KMJ)
  • Malabar Jewellery
  • Tanishq Jewellery
  • ST Jewellery Thrissur
  • Chungath Jewellery
  • Mangalya Gold And Silver Jewellery
  • KM Jewellers Thrissur
  • Angel Gold Thrissur
  • Kerala Gold
  • ORO Gold & Diamonds Thrissur
  • Lakshmi Jewellers Thrissur
  • Manjali Jewellers
  • Thrissur Golden Jewellers
  • Noble Jewellery Thrissur
  • Sky Jewellery Thrissur
  • Charlesons Jewellery Thrissur

Wholesale Gold Jewellery in Thrissur

Apart from the retail business, there are a good deal of wholesale jewellery in Thrissur. Buyers who need bulk quantities can make a purchase from these wholesalers.

  • Eza Gold & Diamond Thrissur
  • Angel Gold Thrissur
  • Joyalukkas
  • ST Jewellery Thrissur
  • JV Gold Thrissur
  • Nakshathra Gold
  • Krishna Jewellery Thrissur
  • Angel Gold Ornaments & Works
  • DC Gold Arcade
  • Gold Craft
  • AJ Jewellers

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