Website & Web Design Statistics & Facts 2021 | Mobile Design Stats

Website & Web Design Statistics & Facts 2021 | Mobile Design Stats

Website Statistics 2021

  • World’s First Registered Domain – (March 15, 1985)
  • World’s First Website – (August 6, 1991)
  • World’s First Web Browser – WorldWideWeb (1990)
  • World’s First Search Engine – WebCrawler (1994)

Top 5 Oldest Domain

Date of RegistrationDomainRegistered to
March 15, 1985symbolics.comSymbolics
April 24, 1985bbn.comBBN Technologies
May 24, 1985think.comThinking Machines
July 11, 1985mcc.comMicroelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation
September 30, 1985dec.comDigital Equipment Corporation
  • Number of Active websites – 1,912,313,531
  • Global population – 7.75 billion
  • Worldwide internet users – 5,139,559,632
  • Active social media users – 3.725 billion
  • Worldwide Google searches per year – 1.2 trillion
  • Bytes of data per day in 2018 – 2.5 quintillion

Website Design Facts 2021

  • Two out of three people prefer to visit websites that are beautifully designed.
  • 75% of the website visitors judge the websites based on design aesthetic attributes.
  • 50% of the website visitors hinted that a website’s design is the most important factor in deciding the credibility of the business.
  • 38% of the website visitors will not engage with a website if the layout or content is not attractive.
  • 94% of opening impressions of a site are associated with the web design.
  • 66% of the website visitors prefer beautifully designed websites if given 15 minutes of time to consume content.
  • 89% of online consumers shop with a competitor site after a poor web design and user experience.
  • Based on the design of a website, users take a decision in 10 seconds or less whether they trust the business.

User Interface(UI) Design Facts 2021

  • 70% of the website visitors have abandoned their shopping carts because of poor UI Design experience.
  • 90% of smartphone users prefer to shop again at a particular site if their user experience is good.
  • Investment in the UX of a website can have a 100% ROI.
  • 88% of the website visitors avoid returning to a website if they face a poor user experience.
  • 73% of the businesses invest in UI design to help their brand stand out from competitors.
  • 90% of the website visitors leave a website in just 3 seconds if the user experience is bad.
  • 70% of small business websites don’t have a call-to-action button.
  • 49% of websites based on HTML 5 get the maximum page views than other simple sites.

Homepage Facts 2021

  • 64% of the website visitors want to see the company’s contact information on the homepage.
  • 52% of visitors want to see information about the company’s business on the website’s homepage.
  • 44% of the website visitors will leave the website if the company’s contact information is not provided on the homepage.
  • 85% of the website visitors consider user reviews as trustworthy and as personal recommendations.
  • 36% of customers click on logos to reach the homepage.

Mobile Design Statistics 2021`

  • Mobile visitors are 5 times more likely to leave a website, which is not mobile-friendly.
  • 40% of website visitors will switch to a different search result if the first site is not mobile-friendly.
  • 48% of website visitors get annoyed if a website is not mobile-responsive.
  • 74% of website visitors are more probable to return to mobile-friendly websites.
  • 91% of small business websites have not optimized for mobile yet.
  • 90% of website visitors think the mobile version of a website should be better than the desktop site.
  • 60% of website visitors will mistrust a business with a non-responsive website.
  • 62% of businesses that invested in responsive design saw a good increase in sales and revenue.
  • 85% of users expect the mobile version of the site to be faster.
  • 2 out of 3 minutes spent online is on a mobile device.
  • 68% of businesses have blended mobile marketing into their marketing strategy.

Website Color Facts 2021

  • 57% of website visitors tell that blue is the color of success.
  • Green and orange call-to-action buttons on the website work well.
  • 85% of online shoppers say they have made their purchase based on the color of the product.
  • Bing, the search engine of Microsoft, made an additional $80 million when they changed the hue of blue.

Website Content Facts 2021

  • 38% of website visitors will stop visiting a website if the content is not engaging.
  • Every day, 10 million blog posts get published.
  • If the content is very long – 30% of users will switch devices, and 38% will stop visiting the website.
  • Website using quality content and user reviews are more likely to be trusted by both users and search engine.

Website Image Facts 2021

  • 32% of business marketers think images are the most important part of the website.
  • If the website information is aligned with a relevant image, there is 65% chance that the user will remember it afterward.
  • Images on the website are 60,000 times faster to process than written content text.

Webpage Loading Facts 2021

  • Each year, the websites which are Slow-loading cost their owners $2.6 billion in losses.
  • 83% of visitors expect a website to load faster in 3 seconds or less.
  • 39% of website visitors leave a website if images don’t load faster or take time to load.
  • 53% of mobile visitors will abandon a website if it loads in more than 3 seconds.
  • If the loading speed of a website increases from 8 to 2 seconds, the conversion rate will improve by 74%.
  • Even one second of added page load speed can lead to a sales drop by 27%.
  • The website, that load in 2.4 seconds, experienced a good mobile conversion rate of 1.9%.
  • 47% of website visitors prefer that a website load in 2 seconds or less.
  • 45% of website visitors leave the front page if the loading time of the webpage increased by 3%.
  • The bounce rate of the website spiked to 150% when page load time was 8 seconds, and 100%, when the webpage load time was 4 seconds.
  • Bounce rate will increase by 32% if it takes between 1 and 3 seconds to load the webpage.