States in USA with O | USA States Starting with O

States in USA with O | USA States Starting with O

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The United States of America (USA) comprises 50 states. Washington D.C is the capital of the United States. Each state holds separate governmental jurisdiction. The US government represents these 50 states in the Senate and in the House. The economy and cultural values of the states are different. There are four US regions namely Northeast, Midwest, South, West. Each of these regions has multiple states.

Alaska is the largest US state with 665,384 square miles, whereas Rhode Island is the smallest US state with 1,545 square miles. The most populated US state is California, whereas the least populated US state is Wyoming.

States in USA Starting with O

What state in USA starts with O?” or “How many O states are there in the US?

There are 3 USA states starting with letter O.

  1. Ohio
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Oregon

1) Ohio

Ohio is a state which comes under the Midwest region. It is bounded by the Ohio River. Ohio joined the US as the 17th state. The capital of Ohio is Columbus, which is also the largest city in Ohio. The population of Ohio is around 12 million of that, making it the seventh-most populous state in the US. Ohio is one of the most densely populated states in the US. “Buckeye State” is the nickname of Ohio. It is widely known that the birthplace of aviation. Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron are the five largest cities of Ohio. There are 88 counties in Ohio.

The economy of Ohio is the seventh-largest among the US states. Its economy is even ahead of countries like Argentina, Nigeria. Ohio is one of the largest manufacturing and automobile production states in the US. Major companies like Cleveland Clinic Health System, Kroger, Mercy Health Partners, Wal-Mart, JP Morgan Chase, Giant Eagle are situated in Ohio. Companies like Procter & Gamble, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, AK Steel, Timken, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Wendy’s are headquartered in Ohio.

2) Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a state which is situated in the South Central region. Oklahoma is bordered by the many US states like Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, New Mexico and Colorada. The total land area of Oklahoma is 181,038 km2 and it is the 20th largest state. The capital of Oklahoma is Oklahoma City which is also the largest city. Tulsa is the second-largest city in Oklahoma. The population of Oklahoma is close to 4 million and also it is the 28th most populous state in the US. The residents of Oklahoma are known as Oklahomans. The official languages spoken here is English, Choctaw, Cherokee. The nickname of Oklahoma is “The Sooner State”. Oklahoma joined the US as the 46th state.

Ouachita Mountains, Ar buckle Mountains, Wichita Mountains and Ozark Mountains are the four main mountain ranges present in Oklahoma. 24% of Oklahoma are covered by forest.
Oklahoma is the United States’s one of the largest producers of natural gas, crude oil and agricultural products. Many Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies like Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, QuikTrip, Hobby Lobby are headquartered in Oklahoma.

3) Oregon

Oregon is a US state which is present in the Pacific Northwest region. It is on the Western side of the United States. Oregon is bordered by the US states like California and Nevada. Oregon is one of the geographically diverse US states. Salem is the capital city of Oregon and the largest city is Portland. The total area is estimated to be 98,381 sq mi. It is the ninth-largest state in the US. Oregon is a bit larger than the United Kingdom in total area. There are about 36 counties in the state of Oregon. D River that flows in Oregon is claimed as the shortest river in the world. The smallest park in the world is Mill Ends Park is situated in Oregon.
The population of Oregan is close to 4.3 million. Pacific Northwest English is the official language spoken in Oregan. The residents of Oregon are called Oregonians.

Oregon houses a large number of companies. Nike, Adidas Corporations, Harry and David, Lithia Motors, FLIR Systems, Graphic Arts Center Publishing, Mentor Graphics Corporation are some companies headquartered in Oregon.