How to Plan your Dubai Tour in 2024?

How to Plan your Dubai Tour in 2024?

Dubai is known as the beautiful land in the Arabian Gulf of Middle East Asia. Tourists flock in every year to marvel at the mega structures of this oil-rich Emirate, camping at the Arabian desert and also for shopping. Are you planning to tour Dubai for your coming vacation? These ideas will help you prepare an itinerary for your travel.

Dubai is a desert, meaning, most part of the year the place is frigging hot. Winter season from December to March is the best time to visit Dubai. During winter, the climate is cool and lovable at this time. The largest shopping festival in the world, Dubai shopping festival, happens at this time. Global Village welcomes you with stunning sales and promotions from stalls around the world. There are also entertaining activities for our amusements. During this time the shopping malls in Dubai offer exciting deals, raffle draws, and prizes.

Check out news and blogs on Dubai Tourism website once you have decided your time to visit the places in Dubai, for identifying the major tourist spots in Dubai. For booking the hotels, cabs and other activities, you can use the many resources available on the internet. You can easily prepare a Dubai travel Itinerary without the help of a travel agency.

Let’s see the 7-major tourist hotspot in Dubai that you shouldn’t miss in 2024

1) Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower/building in the world. Seeing this breath-taking architectural marvel, this should be the first on your list while visiting Dubai. It has the highest observation deck in a skyscraper which gives you the most memorable view. Apart from that, you can see the spectacular fountains shows at the foot of the skyscraper.

2) The Beaches

The beaches in Dubai are calm and serene. The blue seas are a fantastic spot to relax or play after busy sightseeing. Choose among the best beaches of Dubai from here.

3) Palm Jumeirah

This is the artificial island created in the Arabian Sea. At the zenith is the famed Atlantis Hotel. It is best viewed from a helicopter. Other services include skydiving and jet cruising to see the amazing sculpture in the sea. Another budget option is to avail the bicycle to ride along the palm and discover its inner beauty.

4) Old Dubai

This is the place where the story of Dubai began from a small fishing town to one of the richest lands in the world. Visit the old Dubai for two things – The Dubai Creek and the Deira Souks.

Cruise around the creek in the boat, locally known as “Abra”. The Gold Souk at Deira is the richest Gold market in the world. It is a sight worth experiencing. You can buy fragrances, Oud, spices, and souvenir from the souks in Deira.

5) Dubai Marina

The Marina is rich with cruises, skyscrapers, restaurants, and pub. It’s beat of modern partying and fun. If not into spending too much, you can romantically stride along the walkways admiring the beauty of the Marina and the sea.

6) Ski Dubai

You can play in the snow in Dubai. Experience this wonderful spectacle inside the Mall of the Emirates. There are diverse activities for entertainment inside including skiing, snowboarding, penguin shows, bullet ride and cable rides. Relax here after tiring sightseeing in the scorching sun.

7) Desert Safari

Why come to Dubai if you are not going for a little adventurous dune driving. Ride in the 4×4 over the sand and camp at night in the desert. The camping is fun with lots of activities and yummy food.

There are even more places in Dubai to explore and see like Meydan Racecourse, Global Village, Aquaventure, and Wild Wadi water parks, Dubai Aquarium and more. Dubai is also a place for having wonderful dining with friends and family. The restaurants are diverse, serving various savory delicacies. The Malls in Dubai are hotspots for restaurants of French, Italian, Arabic, and other multi-cuisines. Set up the most suitable itinerary by yourself based on your interests and budget.